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CN BC: Metro Municipalities Brace For Cannabis Retail Gold Rush

Wed, 11/29/2017 - 08:00
Business In Vancouver, 29 Nov 2017 - Some cities want to prohibit all recreational marijuana sales; others have already started licensing dispensaries Ottawa's Cannabis Act, Bill C-45, passed third reading in the House of Commons on November 27, little more than seven months before the federal government's July 1, 2018, target date for legalizing recreational marijuana. The bill must be approved by the Senate and achieve Royal Assent but the writing is on the wall that legalization is on the way.

US CA: Extreme Marijuana Use Linked To Vomiting Syndrome

Tue, 11/28/2017 - 08:00
The Fresno Bee, 28 Nov 2017 - For 17 years, Chalfonte LeNee Queen suffered periodic episodes of violent retching and abdominal pain that would knock her off her feet for days, sometimes leaving her writhing on the floor in pain. "I've screamed out for death," said Queen, 48, who lives in San Diego. "I've cried out for my mom who's been dead for 20 years, mentally not realizing she can't come to me."

CN ON: Column: Alberta Betting On Marijuana Boom

Tue, 11/28/2017 - 08:00
Toronto Star, 28 Nov 2017 - So far it looks like Alberta will be the go-to province for marijuana entrepreneurs lining up to get in on the action when selling pot becomes legal next summer. Unlike Ontario and Quebec, Alberta has taken a free market approach. Recreational marijuana will be sold in privately owned retail stores and there could be a lot of them because at this point there is no limit on the number.

US: Veterans Are Key As Surge Of States OK Medical Pot For PTSD

Sun, 11/26/2017 - 08:00
Daily Herald, 26 Nov 2017 - NEW YORK -- It was a telling setting for a decision on whether post-traumatic stress disorder patients could use medical marijuana. Against the backdrop of the nation's largest Veterans Day parade, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced this month he'd sign legislation making New York the latest in a fast-rising tide of states to OK therapeutic pot as a PTSD treatment, though it's illegal under federal law and doesn't boast extensive, conclusive medical research.

CN MB: The Leaf To Grow Knowledge On Legalizing Pot

Sat, 11/25/2017 - 08:00
Winnipeg Free Press, 25 Nov 2017 - IF you want to know how quickly this country is turning over a new leaf, consider the curious case of Julian Fantino. The tough-on-crime former Toronto police chief was eager to help lead the war against drugs - including cannabis - during his time as a cabinet minister in Stephen Harper's government.

US TX: Medical Marijuana Will Be Sold In Texas Before End Of 2017

Fri, 11/24/2017 - 08:00
Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 24 Nov 2017 - In just a few weeks, medical marijuana will legally be sold in Texas. The plants are nearly finished growing in South-Central Texas, which means workers will soon harvest and cultivate them, drying them out and preparing to extract low-level cannibidiol.

US MI: Marijuana Butter Case Tossed Out By Michigan Appeals Court

Thu, 11/23/2017 - 08:00
Detroit Free Press, 23 Nov 2017 - GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A Michigan judge has thrown out a case against two former corrections officers who lost their jobs after being arrested and charged with possession of marijuana-infused butter. Michael Frederick and Todd VanDoorne were charged in 2014 following an early-morning, warrant-less search of their homes. Both were registered under the state's medical marijuana law to use the butter to control pain. Police allege they didn't comply with the law. They subsequently lost their jobs in Kent County.

US MA: State Pot Commission Aims To Have First Draft Of Rules Set By

Tue, 11/21/2017 - 08:00
Boston Globe, 21 Nov 2017 - Pot sales are expected to begin around July 1 in Massachusetts. The Cannabis Control Commission is pushing to write a first draft of new rules permitting the legal sale of marijuana in Massachusetts by the end of the year, setting up a frenetic month that will shape the recreational pot industry.

CN BC: Column: Smoking Pot Hard On Health

Tue, 11/21/2017 - 08:00
Prince George Citizen, 21 Nov 2017 - On a flight home last week, I was having a conversation about the introduction of Bill C-45 or the "Cannabis Act." The person I was talking to is working with local governments to sort out the multitude of bylaws and regulations which will be necessitated by the legislation. Different municipalities are taking varying approaches and have disparate points of view on the whole issue. After all, not everyone is in favour of legalizing marijuana nor sure what exactly that means.

Canada: Column: Which Provincial Pot Approach Is Best?

Tue, 11/21/2017 - 08:00
Globe and Mail, 21 Nov 2017 - Alberta and Quebec recently unveiled their strategies for the commercialization of legal marijuana The socialist NDP is embracing the free market, while the freemarket Liberals seem to prefer the old-style state monopoly.

US PA: Pa. Marijuana Growers And Doctors Get Creative With No Budget

Tue, 11/21/2017 - 08:00
Philadelphia Daily News, 21 Nov 2017 - Patient response to Pa. marijuana program 'extremely positive' What if Pennsylvania had a medical marijuana program but few people knew about it? With hundreds of millions of dollars invested in cannabis growing facilities and dispensaries -- and the health of thousands of prospective patients on the line -- alerting state residents to the program should be a priority. But there's effectively a gag order on nearly all players involved.

US MI: Marijuana Industry High On Prospect Of Michigan's Cannabis

Mon, 11/20/2017 - 08:00
Detroit Free Press, 20 Nov 2017 - LAS VEGAS -- For Hilary Dulany, long roots in Michigan and the prospect of expanding her Oregon marijuana business are luring her back to the Great Lakes State. For Nancy Whiteman, the prospect of taking her business national has her looking for partners in Michigan.

US FL: Sarasota Medical Marijuana Company Poised To Plant First Crop

Mon, 11/20/2017 - 08:00
Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 20 Nov 2017 - Sarasota-based medical marijuana company AltMed Florida is poised to begin growing its first crop of marijuana at a facility in Apollo Beach. The Florida Department of Health authorized Plants of Ruskin -- the nursery that is partnering with AltMed -- to begin operating the cultivation facility.

US MT: Montana Drafts Medical Marijuana Regulations

Sun, 11/19/2017 - 08:00
Kansas City Star, 19 Nov 2017 - The state health department has drafted proposed regulations for the medical marijuana industry, setting rules for quality testing, tracking and increasing fees. The Billings Gazette reports the Department of Public Health and Human Services plans a public hearing in Helena on Nov. 30.

Canada: OPED: Cannabis Is Canada's Moment To Lead

Sat, 11/18/2017 - 08:00
Globe and Mail, 18 Nov 2017 - Sometimes it takes someone from outside Canada to make us realize what a great thing we have going. A few years ago, a Brazilian investment firm, 3G Capital, bought Canadian coffee icon Tim Hortons. In 1995, Labatt Brewery was swallowed up by Interbrew from Belgium, which was in turn merged with AmBev, also from Brazil. Richard Baker, an American, saw the potential in Hudson's Bay Co., which was struggling at the time, and paid more than $1.1-billion in 2008 for the 80 per cent of the chain that he didn't own (although his stake has since been reduced). While much has been written about the varying degrees of success each of these deals has had, one thing is clear: The buyers saw Canada and Canadian companies as worth investing in.