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Spain: Collecting Signatures To Legalize Cannabis Associations


The representative of FEDCAC, Gemma Lago says that wants "a public health policy, recognizing the reality and not hiding it under a rug"

By Mike Bifari
Hemp News Correspondent

Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) Green Rosa started Tuesday 120 days at its disposal to gather the 50,000 signatures needed to process in the Parliament a new law regulating associations of people who consume cannabis.

According to the representative of the two federations, the Federation of Cannabis de Catalunya (CatFAC) and the Federation of cannabis Self-Regulatory de Catalunya (FEDCAC), Gemma Lake, "many years known to prohibitionist policies do not work." "We want a public health policy, recognizing the reality and not hiding it under a rug, we do not want hypocrisy", said Lake.

Among the objectives of the ILP figure "that minors do not have access to cannabis" because they want to "say no to the black market and in retail parks", he explained Lake. The ILP "seeks to reach all people," plus the "300,000" registered partnerships in Catalonia. "In Catalonia has created a social model from civil society and the laws when they leave the civil society have much more value", said Lake.

Spain: Helicopter loaded with hashish falls


By Monica Pupo,
Hemp News Correspondent

A tragedy took over the Spanish air last week, when a helicopter full of Moroccan hashish crashed after hitting a power pole. According to a report released by Hightimes magazine's website, the pilot and co-pilot died instantly.

The aircraft crashed near the mountain town of Cortes de la Frontera, in Malaga, apparently after performing some evasive maneuvers to escape another helicopter of the Spanish Civil Guard, which had started the chase.

Black painted to not be recognized during the night, the helicopter was carrying something around 800 kg of hashish.

One of the dead pilot was identified as Feka Sokol, a former major in the Albanian Army. Media reports in Albania say he used to work as an instructor at the air base in the Balkan country.

Exports of Moroccan hashish are growing in Spain, considered the main warehouse to European markets. Since June 2013, the Spanish authorities seized more than 100 tons of hash in various operations.

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Study: Marijuana is effective in the treatment of chronic pain


By Monica Pupo,
Hemp News Correspondent

Published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, a recent study showed that the use of marijuana to relieve chronic pain is very common. Plus, patients reported greater relief with cannabis use than when using only opioid drugs.

The research included 1,514 people who live in Australia and received opioid prescription for treatment of non-malignant chronic pain. According to scientists, "Associations between demographics, pain, personal characteristics of each patient and the use of cannabis for pain."

The results showed that one in six - or 16% - had used cannabis for pain relief, and 6% in the previous month. Almost half (43%) of the sample had also used cannabis for recreational purposes.

A quarter of participants reported that would use marijuana for pain relief if he had access. Those who already use cannabis for pain on average are younger, reported higher pain intensity and greater pain interference in their daily lives.

The conclusion of the study shows that "cannabis use in order to relieve the pain seems common among people living with non-malignant chronic pain - and users report greater pain relief with the combination with opioids, than when the opioids are used alone."

Study: Study: Findings from the Pain and Opioids IN Treatment (POINT)

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