Colorado: Conservatives, Upset About Legal Pot and Gay Marriage, Want To Secede From State


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Ah, those wacky conservatives. Next month, 11 counties in northern Colorado will vote on whether to secede and form their own state, in which they plan to promote "conservative ideals" that residents say have been lost in a progressive era of legalized marijuana and gay marriage.

The 51st State Initiative would create a new state called New Colorado or North Colorado, and would reject all the liberalism that created such policies as legal cannabis, gun control laws, immigration reform, and modernized marriage laws, reports Jodie Gummow at AlterNet.

"I would've never believed the state of Colorado would become this liberal," complained Lyle Miller, who owns Nan's convenience store in Cheyenne Wells, reports Jack Healy at The New York Times. "I'm afraid for my grandchildren. I want them to have the same heritage I had."

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