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Colorado: Marijuana Not Banned At Colorado Springs Airport


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Denver International Airport announced that marijuana is banned there, despite its legal status in Colorado, but it's still allowed at the Colorado Springs Airport, according to an official there.

"We talked to TSA about that issue," said John McGinley, assistant aviation director at Colorado Springs Airport, reports Bonnie Silkman at KRDO. "If they find it in someone's possession, they refer it to our law enforcement.

"If our law enforcement says it's within the legal limit, they're going to take no action," McGinley said. "In that case, TSA is not on their own going to throw the marijuana in the trash."

The question had arisen because marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

When KRDO asked a TSA spokesperson about the policy, the answer backed up McGinley's assertions.

"TSA's screening procedures are focused on security," the spokesperson said. "If an officer discovers an item that may violate the law, TSA refers the matter to law enforcement. There has been no change to this policy or how it is implemented in the field."

Meanwhile, Denver International Airport officials are sticking to their policy of banning marijuana.

Colorado: Recriminalization? Denver Council Bans 'Visible' Pot Smoking In Yards and On Balconies


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Ignoring opposition from marijuana advocates and civil libertarians, the Denver City Council on Monday night voted to ban people from smoking legal marijuana in private yards or on balconies if the activity can be seen from the street or sidewalk.

The council passed the measure on a 7-5 vote on the first reading, report Lance Hernandez and Jaclyn Allen at The Denver Channel.

"Everyone up here tonight is going to make some enemies," Councilman Charlie Brown, normally a strong advocate of regulating marijuana, told his fellow council members. "I can't support it," he said. "I believe in individual property rights."

"Government can't solve all these problems," Brown said. "And neither can our police department."

"I would rather see police going after serious drug problems than playing security patrol for the Stepford Wives," one opponent of the ordinance told the council.

But a parent who favors the ordinance claimed that allowing residents to smoke cannabis in their front yards "undermines our conversations with our children by making it appear OK." (Umm... wait, I thought it was legal now?)

It's ridiculous that people can drink on their own property, but are prohibited from smoking marijuana in the same locations, according to cannabis advocate Mason Tvert, a major backer of Amendment 64, the legalization measure approved last year by Colorado voters.

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