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Alabama: Congressman Running For Sessions’s Senate Seat Backs Medical Cannabis

Congressman Mo Brooks

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a fierce opponent against states to set their own cannabis laws without federal interference, but new Alabama Senate seat hopeful endorses cannabis legislation

By Michael Bachara
Hemp News

A leading candidate for Sessions' former seat representing Alabama in the U.S. Senate, Congressman Mo Brooks (R), is making support for cannabis law reform an important part of his platform.

“Medical cannabis should be treated like any other treatment that saves lives or eases pain and symptoms. In a land of freedom and liberty, that decision is best kept between a doctor and a patient,” Congressman Brooks said at a press conference. “That is what I believe. That is how I will vote in the Senate. That is how I have voted in the House.”

Alabama: City of Mobile Cannabis Decriminalization Proposal Withdrawn by Mayor

Mobile, Alabama

By Michael Bachara
Hemp News

Mobile, Alabama Mayor Sandy Stimpson, the sponsor of a City Ordinance that would have decriminalized several minor cannabis offenses in the City of Mobile, withdrew his proposal yesterday. The ordinance, which would have lessened penalties for possession of small amounts of cannabis by issuing a citation instead of an arrest, appears to have stalled in the City of Mobile.

Several cities across the country have passed similar ordinances to bypass the arrest process for cannabis including Detroit, Chicago, and Columbia, MO.

Alabama: Colbert County Agents Bust Medical Grade Marijuana Grower

Alabama pot bust.jpg

By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Law enforcement agents in Colbert County, Alabama recently made a significant bust, finding what they say is some of the highest grade marijuana they have seen.

“We’ve been getting information over the years, and we just got enough information to obtain a search warrant,” stated Colbert County Sheriff Frank Williamson.

Sheriff Williamson said his department and the Colbert County Drug Task Force have worked this case a long time.

The agents found 161 medical grade marijuana plants inside an old mobile home on LaGrange Mountain. Williamson said they are finding more and more grow operations moving indoors.

“It makes it more of a challenge for us because you can’t see what they’ve got inside,” Williamson explained. “And that’s what a lot of people are doing, moving them inside.”

Williamson said the suspected grower fully cooperated with agents, even helping them disassemble the grow house.

With more operations expected, Williamson said they will continue the fight. “Something you will probably never completely do away with,” said Williamson. “But we can do our best to try and slow it down.”

Sheriff Williamson said a single seed for the type of marijuana which was found runs about $70.

Drug agents also found various illegal prescription pills and guns on the property.

Alabama: Man Serving Life In Prison For Marijuana


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

While the cannabis industry proceeds merrily along its profit-strewn path to the mainstream, a man in Alabama last year got sentenced to life in prison for selling the stuff.

It makes a big difference, you see, if you are a minority male in the Deep South selling marijuana, or if you are a monied entrepreneur in, say, Washington state or Colorado doing the same thing. If you were of the latter class and geography, you'd get a license from the state allowing you to carry on your business; if you were of the former, you'd get thrown in a cage until you die.

Houston County Circuit Court Judge Michael Conaway in February 2015 sentenced 39-year-old Richard Bolden of Dothan, Alabama, to life in prison for "trafficking marijuana." He gave Bolden an additional eight years for a felony first-degree bail jumping charge, to be served consecutively (not concurrently) with the life sentence, reports Matt Elofson at the Dothan Eagle.

Alabama: Governor Signs Leni's Law, Increasing Access To Medical Cannabis Oil


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Patients in Alabama will have greater access to medical cannabis oil after Governor Robert Bentley on Wednesday signed HB 61, also know as Leni's Law, as passed by the Alabama Legislature.

Gov. Bentley's signature decriminalizes possession of medical marijuana CBD oil with THC content of up to 3 percent. The bill is named for a four-year-old girl whose family moved to Oregon to legally access cannabidiol cannabis oil to treat her severe epilepsy, and was hailed as a victory by Leni's mother, Amy Young, reports Paul Gattis at

"We are incredibly grateful to the state of Alabama for giving families like ours the opportunity to find relief from life altering and debilitating conditions, and hope for a better quality of life," Young told Hemp News Wednesday afternoon. "Access to medical treatment shouldn't be determined by your zip code."

"I've got this smile glued to my face," said Young, who revealed she'd already received calls from lawmakers in Iowa, South Dakota and Tennessee since the Leni's Law was signed.

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