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Idaho: Marijuana Activists Fight Back After Police Take Their Children

There is a truth that must be heard!By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Two medical marijuana activists continue to rally support for cannabis legalization after the search of their home and the seizure of their children last Tuesday.

Lindsey and Josh Rinehart, of Boise spoke in support of medical marijuana, carried signs, and talked to the media at Monday's rally on the Idaho Statehouse steps, reports KTVB.

About a dozen others, many of them Compassionate Idaho members, joined the Rineharts at the rally.

The event came six days after police searched the Rineharts' home, saying they found marijuana and "drug paraphernalia." The couple's two children were turned over to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Rinehart said she had the cannabis for medicinal reasons, and said taking her children away was wrong.

"I have multiple sclerosis," she told KTVB. "I am not a criminal because my kids were taken away."

Lindsey said that she should be able to use medical marijuana to treat her MS, and that she is fighting to get her boys back.

Idaho: House Committee Holds Hearing On Anti-Marijuana Resolution

There is a truth that must be heard!It's Reefer Madness Time In Idaho: Measure Would Declare State Should 'Never' Legalize Marijuana 'For Any Purpose'

By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

The Idaho House State Affairs Committee on Tuesday morning held a hearing on SCR 112, a Senate resolution declaring that it's the "position" of the Idaho Legislature that the state should never legalize marijuana for any purpose.

"Wait," you may be thinking. "I thought representatives, in a democracy, asked the people what they think about issues, not dictate to them how it will be." That's apparently not how it works, at least in Senator Chuck Winder's mind.

"Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States," Winder, a Republican from Boise, told the House State Affairs Committee, reports The Spokesman-Review. "I think what this resolution is trying to do is just to make a statement that Idaho recognizes the problems that marijuana is creating in other states," he said, without defining exactly what kinds of "problems" are supposed to be happening.

"This is just a statement, it doesn't change the law," Winder said. "It's just a statement on behalf of the Legislature of Idaho." So, back to that "Legislature dictating to the people" thing.

Idaho: New Medical Marijuana Petition Drive Aims For 2014 Ballot

Photo - Idaho: New Medical Marijuana Petition Drive Aims For 2014 BallotBy Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Compassionate Idaho on Friday, March 15 will release a new petition to put medical marijuana on the 2014 ballot for the voters to decide.

The petition will address the failed medical marijuana policy of Idaho that is currently putting seriously and terminally ill patients in the position of being "criminals," according to the group.

"This petition, once law, will protect our seriously and terminally ill patients and their caregivers from arrest, prosecution, and forfeiture for obtaining medical marijuana," Compassionate Idaho said in a prepared statement.

The petition is already available for reading at, although it doesn't yet have its short and long ballot titles back from the Idaho Attorney General, according to the group.

Once Compassionate Idaho gets the petition back from the state Attorney General, they plan to post a downloadable PDF file of the petition for circulation around the state. Circulation instructions and downloadable voter registration cards will also be available.

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