Iowa: Davenport Man Arrested For Marijuana, LSD, Pills, And Guns


By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Police arrested a Davenport, Iowa man on Monday, March 21,2016. Police served a search warrant just before 9 pm, and found marijuana, LSD, and prescription drugs.

Police say they found approximately 2,626 grams of high grade marijuana, packaged in large vacuum-sealed bags. One bag contained about 26 grams of marijuana wax on wax paper.

Police found three tabs of LSD -- two in a small Ziploc bag and one wrapped in aluminum foil. A Nartec field test kit was used and the LSD tested positive.

Investigators also seized 100 prescription pills including hydrmorphone and hydrocodone in unlabeled bottles.

Sean Timothy Hunter, 26, was arrested and charged with multiple counts of possession with intent to deliver and with failure to affix a drug stamp.

Police say he admitted that the marijuana, marijuana wax, LSD and prescription medication all belong to him. He told officers he sells high grade marijuana and that he does not have a prescription for the medication recovered.

In addition to the drugs recovered, police say they also found an assault rifle and handgun ammunition. A search of a second location uncovered more ammo, as well as a Desert Eagle handgun loaded with .50 caliber hollow point ammunition and two assault rifles.

Hunter is being held on a $200,000 cash only bond.

Iowa: Cancer Patient Who Faced 15 Years Sentenced To Probation For Medical Marijuana


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

An Iowa man who had faced 15 years as a habitual offender and a mandatory three-year prison term for treating his cancer with cannabis oil has been sentenced to probation, as a district judge used his sentencing discretion.

Benton Mackenzie, 48, was charged along with his wife, Loretta, and son, Cody, reports Brian Wellner at Quad-City Times.

A jury found the Long Grove couple guilty of manufacturing marijuana, a Class C felony, at their trial this summer. District Judge Henry Latham barred Mackenzie from mentioning to jurors that he grew the marijuana to treat his cancer, or anything about his medical condition.

Mackenzie suffers from late stage angiosarcoma, a cancer of the blood vessels in which tumors appear as skin lesions. Several lesions have grown from the size a pea a year ago to larger than a grapefruit now.

His backside and right leg are covered in lesions, and Mackenzie has had severe swelling recently. He was in the hospital on Sunday and has trouble walking due to the swelling, according to his wife.

Mackenzie said he grew marijuana at home until his arrest a year ago, treating his cancer with oil derived from the plant. The treatment kept the lesions small and prevented the cancer from spreading for two years, he said.

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