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Colorado: Fast-Acting Cannabis Beverage To Be Released In Denver This Thanksgiving


Quigley's, described as "the first and only fast-acting cannabis drink," will be available in the Colorado market this Thanksgiving.

"Quigley’s patent-pending formula is considered uniquely safe due to its fast-acting effects and precise dosing formulation, providing a reliable solution for the rocky road of the edibles and drink market today," according to Dixie Elixirs, which will produce and distribute Quigley’s in Colorado.

Available in the 10mg and the 50mg - 2oz. bottle, the Quigley’s cannabis “shot” and multi-dose “shot” have zero calories, zero fat, no caffeine, and it's gluten-free. Plus, every bottle of Quigley's provides the same precisely measured dosage, according to the company.

"Quigley’s Formula is different from any edible and drink product in the cannabis industry, because it allows you to know the precise amount of THC to be ingested, without needing more,” said Quigley's inventor and co-founder Tony Alfiere. “For people who cannot, should not, or do not like to smoke, or do not want to wait up to two hours, this is a groundbreaking alternative.”

"Quigley's quality formula, delivers a reliable and unique experience in minutes unlike any other edible or drink currently on the market," the company claims in a press release. "In early testing, those who have tried Quigley’s say they’ve felt euphoric and uplifted, but grounded and assured. While invigorated, they describe a calming effect, and others claim clear-headedness and an enhanced sense of creativity."

Alabama: Colorado Marijuana Mogul Caught With Pot; No Smoking For 2 Years


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

A Colorado man who's behind one of the largest medical marijuana products companies in the state won't be allowed to use cannabis for two years after he pleaded guilty to pot possession in Alabama.

Vincent "Tripp" Keber, managing director of the company which makes the Dixie Elixirs line of cannabis-infused products, pleaded guilty last month to misdemeanor marijuana possession in Baldwin County, Alabama, reports John Ingold at The Denver Post. A second charge of marijuana possession was dropped as part of the plea deal, and the whole case will be expunged if Keber stays out of trouble for the next two years, according to his lawyer, Harold Callaway.

Keber will be required to check in with law enforcement in Alabama daily and submit to random drug tests. If those tests show he has used alcohol, marijuana, or any other drugs, he could face up to a year in jail, according to Martha Simmons with the Baldwin County district attorney's office.

"This is a situation during some vacation where I basically made an error in judgment," Keber said.

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