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Washington: Seattle Times Endorsing Marijuana Legalization Bill

By KING 5 News

Washington: Seattle Times Endorsing Marijuana Legalization Bill SEATTLE – The Seattle Times is endorsing a bill in the Washington state Legislature to legalize marijuana, in an editorial to be published this Sunday.

The paper is coming out in favor of House Bill 1550, which would make it legal to sell pot in liquor stores.

The editorial comes just days after Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes said he has stopped prosecuting user-level possession cases.

Legalizing pot would be at odds with federal law and it goes against what most in law enforcement believe -- that pot is a dangerous drug. But the Times editorial board says legalization is really a pro-law enforcement move.

"If you legalize it, then the growers, the distributors, they become part of the regulated system where law enforcement has more control," said Kate Riley with The Seattle Times.


Washington: Bill Proposes to Sell Pot Through State Liquor Stores

By Joanna Nolasco, Seattle Times

There is a truth that must be heard! State Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, D-Seattle, is again proposing that the state legalize marijuana and regulate it much like alcohol.

House Bill 1550, filed Tuesday, proposes that pot be sold through state liquor stores to adults aged 21 and over, and that the state Liquor Control Board issue licenses to commercial growers.

Dickerson sponsored similar legislation in the previous legislative session, but the bill was voted down in the House Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee.

"We listened to the concerns of law enforcement, medical marijuana patients and others and made several important improvements" to the bill, Dickerson said in a statement. "Our new bill includes provisions for industrial hemp and allows the cultivation of cannabis for personal use, similar to home brewing and wine making."

Dickerson estimates that the measure could raise about $400 million each biennium through sales and licensing fees. The bill proposes to allocate 77 percent of revenue raised to health care and 20 percent to substance abuse and treatment.

Co-sponsors of the bill are: Reps. Roger Goodman, D-Kirkland; Dave Upthegrove, D-Des Moines; Jamie Pedersen, D-Seattle; Sherry Appleton, D-Poulsbo; Mary Helen Roberts, D-Lynnwood; Eileen Cody, D-West Seattle; Luis Moscoso, D-Mountlake Terrace; Deb Eddy, D-Kirkland; Tami Green, D-Lakewood; Jeannie Darneille, D-Tacoma, and Joe Fitzgibbon, D-Burien.

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