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Missouri: Suspect Tells Cops, 'I'm Not Gonna Lie. I Sell Marijuana'


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

A 27-year-old Missouri man was charged with selling marijuana after confessing during a traffic stop for having the wrong license plate, the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's Office said on Friday.

According to court documents, the original incident took place on July 24, 2014, reports Brandie Piper at KSDK. When an officer smelled marijuana, suspect James Redmond allegedly said, "I just smoked some when I left Hotshots. It's in the center console."

The officer searched as instructed and discovered a glass pipe, an e-cigarette, capsules with a dark liquid smelling like marijuana, and $1,534 in cash.

When the officer asked where the money came from, Redmond -- who evidently has a few things to learn when it comes to slinging trees -- replied, "I'm not gonna lie. I sell marijuana," reports Kevin S. Held at KTVI.

Redmond went on to tell the officer he had a book bag full of weed in the back seat.

The officer looked through the book bag and found two large bags and one small bag filled with cannabis, a digital scale, a bag of empty baggies, and a blue container containing marijuana with a label on the lid reading, "Marijuana Grown in Colorado."

Redmond was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, a felony.

Photo of James Redmond: St. Louis County Police Department

Missouri: Epilepsy Patient Defies Law To Fend Off Seizures With Marijuana

(Graphic: The Weed Blog)By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Missouri's not a medical marijuana state, but Ken Wells says he's been smoking pot for decades. He has epilepsy, and he says his condition is eased by using cannabis.

"I do it the way I do my other medications -- a measured amount each day," Wells said, reports Anthony Kiekow at Fox 2 Now. Ken said he hasn't had an epileptic seizure since he started using about three grams of marijuana per day as a medication.

Since marijuana works to stop his seizures, Ken is willing to risk arrest every day.

But St. Louis Police Chief Tim Fitch is against legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

"That is just a front for legalizing it and using marijuana recreationally," Chief Fitch claimed. "They always start with medical marijuana and then it goes to what Colorado and Washington did -- OK, now we are OK with recreational."

Chief Fitch claimed marijuana is a "gateway drug" which leads to the cemetery. "One of the things I have learned over the last 22 Town Hall meetings with folks that lost children as a result of heroin use is every one of them without fail used marijuana first," he claimed.

The chief really should inform himself with the latest research if he's going to be talking in public about this; the gateway theory was debunked years ago.

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