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U.S.: Senators Ask White House To Clarify Federal Marijuana Laws


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

The Senate delegations from Colorado and Washington are seeking clarification from the Obama Administration on the regulations which will impact the legal marijuana trade in those two states.

Democratic Senators Michael Bennet and Mark Udall of Colorado and Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray of Washington on Monday wrote a letter to White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and Attorney General Eric Holder, calling for "a clear, consistent and uniform interpretation and application" of federal marijuana laws in relation to their home states, reports Jonathan Topaz at Politico. The letter warns about the current uncertainty surrounding federal cannabis laws.

"We believe the federal government should support Colorado and Washington state's effort to establish a successful regulatory framework in a way that achieves greater certainty for local officials, citizens, and business owners" in the marijuana industry, the senators wrote.

The uncertainty regarding the implementation of federal cannabis laws "may undermine our states' ability to regulate the industry adequately," the senators said.

All four Democrats said they look forward to continuing to work with the Administration to ensure lawful and successful implementation of marijuana legalization in their states.

Washington: Lawmakers Call On Attorney General to Respect the Will of Voters on Marijuana Laws


Sen. Murray, Sen. Cantwell, and five U.S. Reps. emphasize the need to address the serious banking issue plaguing legitimate businesses

By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

In a June 17 letter, seven members of the Washington Congressional delegation urged U.S. Attorney Eric Holder and the Department of Justice to “respect the will of the voters” and honor Colorado and Washington’s right to tax and regulate marijuana sales to adults.

Seven months after the historic passage of Initiative 502 in Washington and Amendment 64 in Colorado, the Department of Justice has yet to indicate its intentions regarding the laws; the letter cites the expense already incurred by both states in implementation and the lost potential for economic advancement as two compelling reasons the delegation desires a statement be made without further delay.

Recreational marijuana sales in Washington are expected to begin in early 2014 unless DOJ does something to stop that from happening.

"We urge DOJ to expeditiously announce a course of action that will respect the will of these voters, and to work cooperatively with our states during the implementation of these laws," the lawmakers wrote.

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