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Florida: Second Marijuana Dispensary To Open In Pensacola

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Florida saw its first medical marijuana dispensary open its doors on Tuesday in Tallahassee, and a Pensacola location is scheduled to open very soon, according to the CEO of the dispensing company.

Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers said Wednesday that the company has found a location in Pensacola, received zoning verification,and is awaiting a permit from the Department of Health. The company plans to work with architects to plan the necessary security renovations to convert the location into a dispensary.

"We think it's very important that we're serving patients here in Northwest Florida, so Pensacola is definitely an important market for us," Rivers said.

Trulieve currently only offers low-THC marijuana treatments, but has plans to provide full-strength strains to eligible patients by August.

Florida has six licensed medical marijuana growers, and Trulieve dispenses medical marijuana for Hackney Nursery Company, one of those six.

The new location shares the block with a probation and parole office, the Independence for the Blind headquarters, and Eden Garden Supply. Eden Garden Supply owner Greg Armour said he welcomes the new business.

Pennsylvania: Jason La Canfora Says NFL Needs To Stop Testing For Marijuana


By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Sports writer Jason La Confera is pleading that the NFL stop its drug testing and marijuana ban in the wake of Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell getting a four-game suspension for failing and/ or missing multiple drug tests due to marijuana usage.

“I’ve dropped my specimen cup and I’m waving the white flag,” La Canfora wrote in a column. “Spare us all…get the heck out of these guys’ living rooms, or dens, or hermitically-sealed smoke rooms.”

La Confora says that no-one benefits from it.

“Is there anyone who thinks this is good for football?” La Canfora said. “I mean, aside from a short-sighted fan, whose team plays the Steelers, say, in Week 3, and who is hoping that week Bell is still suspended. What are we really accomplishing?”

“I understand the need for players to follow the rules, but shouldn’t the punishments fit the crimes,” he added. “What if we just admit this is a personal choice a good many of these athletes are going to make as a counter-punch to all of the blows to the head they are contractually obligated to take?”

He spoke more on his views during an interview with “The Fan Morning Show” on Tuesday.

Florida: Opening Day For The State's First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Florida's first medical marijuana dispensary opened Tuesday in a storefront in Tallahassee, a week after receiving approval from thew state to sell a low-THC cannabis oil.

Patients who suffer from chronic muscle spasms, seizures, and cancer can qualify to use the oil, thanks to a law passed in 2014.

Another law passed in the last legislative session allows terminally ill patients to use full-strength cannabis.

“When I say it is an historic and momentous day, it really is," Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers said at a packed news conference at the store Tuesday. "We are really overwhelmed and so proud to be this pioneer."

Some patients wanting to get medical cannabis are having trouble finding a physician to agree to the treatment.

Only 15 doctors in the state had signed up to order the low-THC products as of last week.

Florida: Opening Day For The State's First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Florida's first medical marijuana dispensary opened Tuesday in a storefront in Tallahassee, a week after receiving approval from thew state to sell a low-THC cannabis oil.

Patients who suffer from chronic muscle spasms, seizures, and cancer can qualify to use the oil, thanks to a law passed in 2014.

Another law passed in the last legislative session allows terminally ill patients to use full-strength cannabis.

“When I say it is an historic and momentous day, it really is," Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers said at a packed news conference at the store Tuesday. "We are really overwhelmed and so proud to be this pioneer."

Some patients wanting to get medical cannabis are having trouble finding a physician to agree to the treatment.

Only 15 doctors in the state had signed up to order the low-THC products as of last week.

Florida: Publix Heiress Donates $800,000 To Fight Medical Marijuana Legalization


By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Publix is probably the most popular supermarket chain in Florida, but some of its patrons may be surprised to learn that the family that founded the chain just donated $800,000 to a campaign fighting medical marijuana in the state.

The Carol Jenkins Barnett Family Trust donated $800,000 to Drug Free Florida on July 14. The same group helped kill Florida's 2014 medical marijuana amendment, which was only two percent short of the 60 percent vote it needed to pass.

Drug Free Florida is spreading misinformation and lies about Amendment 2, the medical marijuana measure on the ballot this November. They've been responsible for releasing several ridiculous Reefer Madness-style videos this year.

Jenkins Barnett, daughter of Publix founder George Jenkins, gave more than $500,000 to Drug Free Florida in 2014, and so has surpassed that amount for this year.

Illinois: Judge Orders Officials To Reconsider Medical Marijuana For Migraines

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

A judge has ordered health officials in Illinois to rethink their decision to leave migraine headaches off the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana use in the state.

A Cook County judge ordered Illinois Department of Public Health Director Dr. Nirav Shah to reconsider evidence presented to members of the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board before they voted to recommend approving marijuana to treat migraines.

Shah had previously denied a petition to add migraines to the list.

A suit filed by an unidentified man currently using marijuana to treat migraines prompted the court response. Attorney Robert Bauerschmidt said the middle-aged man has suffered from migraine headaches since adolescence , and has found narcotic painkillers and triptans, the most common treatment for migraines, to be ineffective.

"He's been through everything," Bauerschmidt said. "Marijuana doesn't cure it, but he finds the pain less severe and believes the headaches are less frequent when he's using it."

Illinois law allows medical marijuana for patients who have any of about 40 specific medical conditions, including cancer, AIDS or multiple sclerosis.

A different judge just last month ordered Illinois to add PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) to the list of qualifying conditions.

Florida: State's First Marijuana Dispensary Opens In Tallahassee

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Florida's first medical marijuana clinic, Trulieve, will open its doors in Tallahassee next week.

It has taken two and a half years for the company to get to this point, and they are now ready to provide medical marijuana to patients that need it.

"We're on the cusp of a new era in the state of Florida and for the cannabis industry nationwide," said CEO Kim Rivers. "Florida is one of the largest states in the country, so I think that this really is a game-changer and a tilting point for the national conversation."

Trulieve will offer a low-THC version of marijuana to its customers, who must be listed in an official state registry to receive the drug.

Customers must consult with a qualified physician like Dr. Joseph Dorn, who's taken a comprehensive state exam to be approved to prescribe medical marijuana.

"They're not going to be for everyone, but I do feel like, in order to adequately treat some patients, that we need to kind of think outside the box," Dorn said.

President George Hackney says the drug will help many, including kids with epilepsy.

"These children have seizures - some of them as many as 100 a day, and just to talk to their parents, their life is miserable," Hackney said, "and this helps reduce the number of seizures they have."

Maryland: Marijuana Advocate Eugene Monroe to Retire From NFL

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

Eugene Monroe, veteran offensive tackle who became the first active NFL player to openly ask the league to allow players to use medical marijuana, has announced he will retire after seven seasons.

Having first played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, he most recently played for the Baltimore Ravens until his release in June. Monroe said that he felt his release had something to do with his stance on medical marijuana.

Retired players have often asked the league to discontinue its ban on medical marijuana use. In March, Monroe backed up those requests, saying medical marijuana is safer than the opioids and prescription painkillers that are regularly given to players.

Although Ravens Coach John Harbaugh disagreed with Monroe's views, a team spokesman declined to say if his advocacy for marijuana contributed to the decision to let him go.

Monroe has been contacted since then by several teams, but has refused all offers. He said his decision to retire is based on his numerous injuries and the fear that he would become incapacitated if he continued to play.

“It is a very demanding sport on your body, and it’s taken a toll on me time and time again,” Monroe said. He said that he had damaged both his knees, had surgery on one of his shoulders and had an array of chronic ailments and injuries that did not need surgery.

Arkansas: Medical Marijuana Measure Makes November Ballot

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

The Arkansas Secretary of State's office confirmed last week that the state's medical marijuana measure, Arkansans for Compassionate Care, had submitted enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot.

The measure would allow for medical marijuana to be produced, tested, and distributed to patients diagnosed by a physician. One of over 50 qualifying conditions would allow patients to access a medical marijuana card. The measure would allow for 38 licensed nonprofit care centers. Patients that wish to grow their own pot must receive a 'hardship certificate' that states they do not live a reasonable distance from one of the care centers.

This will not be the first time Arkansans have voted for legalization.A similar measure was brought to the ballot in 2012, but lost, winning only 48 percent of the vote. Advocates say this time will be different, with polls in the area showing 84 percent support.

Arkansas adds its name to the list of eight (possibly nine) states voting on marijuana initiatives this fall. Florida and Missouri join Arkansas in voting for medical marijuana access. Massachusetts, Nevada, Maine, Arizona, and California are all voting on adult recreational use. Michigan’s measure remains in litigation after the state dubbed their signatures “stale.”

Nevada: 'Showgrow' Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens In Las Vegas


Showgrow, a medical marijuana dispensary located at 4850 S. Fort Apache Road in Las Vegas, Nevada, held its grand opening on Friday, June 24.

Growblox Sciences, Inc., announced it has secured 20 percent of the dispensary shelf space of Showgrow Las Vegas for the exclusive display and marketing of its cannabis strains. Growblox announced it also has rights through Showgrow to make home deliveries of its products.

Growblox owns a 10 pecent interest in GBS Nevada Partners LLC, which wholly owns Showgrow. Nevada Partners contracted with GreenLight District Holdings, LLC, an industry leading dispensary operator, to manage the daily operations of Showgrow.

"We are very excited that Growblox is entering the Nevada retail market, as we know local population and visitors are at the global crossroads of product awareness, efficacy, and best standards of operations," said Growblox Board Director Leslie Bocskor.

California: Marijuana-Infused Coffee Creamer Launching In September


Wake-and-bake options will expand in California this September when 1PM Industries, which just expanded its operations from Northern California to the southern part of the state, plans to introduce infused coffee creamer.

1PM on Wednesday announced that the Company has expanded its Von Baron Farms products to Southern California area. According to the company, it began delivering product to dispensaries in Southern California on Monday, June 27.

The company will begin holding its Southern California product demo days on July 7.

Von Baron Farms began selling its medical marijuana products to dispensaries in California in January 2016, and is currently selling its products in approximately 40 Northern California dispensaries.

1PM announced it has begun its final phase of development on its THC infused coffee creamers, which are expected to launch in September 2016.

The addition of coffee creamers will expand the company's product line to: Cookie Spread, CBD Shot, BuzzKill, THC Shot, Breaking Batter Shake & Pour and Infused Coffee Creamer.


Illinois: Judge Orders State To Authorize Medical Marijuana For PTSD

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

A Cook County judge ruled Tuesday that Illinois must add post-traumatic stress disorder syndrome to the list of conditions that qualify for medical marijuana.

The ruling may be rendered moot, as legislation is pending that would do the same thing. Gov. Bruce Rauner's office had indicated he will sign it, after previously blocking expansion of the program.

There are pending lawsuits seeking to add seven other conditions to the list, including cases involving chronic pain and osteoarthritis that are before the same judge.

In his opinion, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Neil Cohen criticized Illinois Department of Health Director Nirav Shah for failing to follow the recommendations of the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board.

The judge gave the state 30 days to add PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions, and scheduled a follow-up hearing to ensure compliance.

The case was filed by Daniel Paul Jabs, a military veteran with PTSD.

Attorney Michael Goldberg, who handled the case, said he hoped the other conditions would be added on the same basis.

"This judge… stepped in to protect (Jabs') health, safety and welfare," Goldberg said, "The judiciary seems to be sending a message to the executive branch."

U.S.: 11 Lawmakers Urge Congress To Include Medical Marijuana In Funding Bill


U.S. Senator Steve Daines, U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and nine members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday urged Congressional leadership to include a provision in the final funding bill sent to the president that protects veterans’ ability to discuss the use of medical marijuana with VA physicians in states where it is legal.

Although the provision passed both chambers of Congress, it was removed in the conferenced appropriations for Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies.

The Fiscal Year 2017 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act Conference Report failed to include Senators Daines and Jeff Merkley’s (D-OR) and Earl Blumenauer’s (D-OR) amendments that would allow for parity between VA and non-VA facilities in 26 states which have medical marijuana programs. The amendment does not change current laws preventing the possession or dispensing of marijuana on VA property, but simply allows veterans to discuss all options that are legally available in their state with their VA doctor.

Nevada: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Offering Patient Orientation July 13


With medical marijuana currently being a hot topic of discussion in Nevada, The+Source medical marijuana dispensary, located at 2550 S. Rainbow Blvd., will hold an educational orientation and seminar about the variety of benefits and uses of medical cannabis for patients at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 13.

The dispensary is giving patients the opportunity to learn from its in-house director of medical education, Dr. William Troutt, who will lead the orientation to educate attendees both new and pre-existing about the benefits of medical cannabis.

The+Source invites the public, along with medical marijuana cardholders and non-holders, to learn more about the medical aspects of marijuana. The+Source will continue its mission to educate community residents with the opening of their second location this summer at 9480 S. Eastern Blvd..

More information about the upcoming orientation can be found online at

Montana: Judges Reject Appeal Over Medical Marijuana

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

The Supreme Court will not hear an appeal challenging a Montana law that limits medical marijuana providers to selling the drug to a maximum of three patients per day.

The justices let stand a Montana Supreme Court ruling on Monday that upheld key provisions of a state law that rolled back much of the 2004 voter-approved initiative legalizing medicinal marijuana.

The Montana Cannabis Industry Association said the rollbacks would force the closure of dispensaries and leave patients without a legal way to obtain the drug.

The new restrictions are set to take effect Aug. 31.

U.S.: Derrick Morgan Becomes 2nd Active NFL Player To Support Marijuana Research


Last week Derrick Morgan, starting outside linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, became the second active NFL player to call on the league to support cannabis research in order to see how specific compounds in the plant can help treat or prevent chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE.)

"If there's any evidence that this could help players, they owe it to us to explore it," Morgan told USA Today. "You hear about a lot of former players suffering from depression and dementia.

"Or the suicides," Morgan said. "[The NFL] could and should be a leader in this. If there's any evidence that this could help players, they owe it to us to explore it ... It's a legitimate ask."

Morgan went on to tell Katie Couric in an exclusive interview: "Given how much influence the NFL has on society, I think it would help the greater good. There's a lot of people suffering and a lot of people that can benefit from cannabis as a medical treatment."

Great Britain: Marijuana Extract Proven To Treat Rare Forms Of Epilepsy

A form of marijuana extract has again proven to be an effective treatment for several different types of epilepsy.

By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

A pharmaceutical-grade form of marijuana extract has again proven to be an effective treatment for several different types of epilepsy.

The British company GW Pharmaceuticals has released successful results from the latest clinical trial of Epidiolex, a form of CBD-rich medication, Forbes reported.

It was the second trial for a rare type of epilepsy called Lennox Gastaut Dyndrome. Epidiolex was given to 86 patients who suffer from the disorder, while 85 patients received a placebo medication. Patients given the Epidiolex saw their seizures reduce by 44%, compared to a 22% reduction for those in placebo.

“Between the plant itself and the processing steps which are being taken, the product ends up being pure CBD,” said GW’s chief executive Justin Gower to Forbes.

GW Pharmaceuticals plans to file for FDA approval in the first half of 2017, although many similar CBD-based formulations are already available in states with legal medical marijuana laws, such as California and Colorado.

Illinois: Medical Marijuana Director Resigns After 1 Year

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By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

An attorney appointed by Gov. Bruce Rauner to lead the Illinois medical marijuana program last year has resigned to pursue work in the private sector.

Joseph Wright, 32, was in the position just over one year. He told the Associated Press on Monday that he felt the time was right to explore other opportunities, perhaps in the medical marijuana industry.

Catherine Kelly, a spokeswoman for the governor, conformed the resignation on Monday. She told the AP the governor's office "will have no further comment" on the reasons for the resignation.

Wright was paid $53,370 last year according to a public database of state employee's salaries. His resignation was turned in on Friday. He will be replaced by Jack Campbell, the program's bureau chief in the Department of Agriculture, Kelly said.

Pennsylvania: Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Temporary Guidelines Completed


Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Karen Murphy on Friday announced that temporary guidelines for the Safe Harbor provision of the state's Medical Marijuana Program are complete and can be viewed online or in the June 25 edition of the Pennsylvania Bulletin.

The department announced that it developed the Safe Harbor temporary guidelines "to thoroughly and carefully outline the specific requirements that must be followed when a parent, legal guardian, caregiver, or spouse is applying to obtain medical marijuana to administer to minors who have a physician-documented serious medical condition."

"In July, parents, legal guardians, caregivers, and spouses will be able to apply to the department for a Safe Harbor Letter that will allow them to administer medical marijuana obtained from outside of Pennsylvania to minors in their care," said Secretary Murphy. "Once approved, the letter should be carried whenever medical marijuana is being transported outside of an individual's home."

California: Security Guard Shot In Face During San Bernardino Marijuana Clinic Robbery


By Derrick Stanley
Hemp News

A security guard is in critical condition after being shot in the face during a robbery at a medical marijuana clinic in San Bernardino, California.

A 911 call was received at the San Bernardino Police Department about 8:52 p.m. Thursday reporting gunshots fired at a marijuana business in the 1400 block of N. Waterman Avenue.

Authorities said that three male suspects entered the business and were armed with handguns. They ordered all occupants to drop to the ground.

One of the suspects then took a shot at an armed security guard, hitting him in the face.

The suspects fled in a gray car with a fourth suspect, police said, after taking cash amd marijuana from the business.

The victim, a 35-year-old Victorville man, was taken to a hospital and is in critical condition. The suspects remain at large.

Anyone with more information was asked to call the San Bernardino Police Department at (909) 384-5742.

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