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Florida: Clinical Conference on Medical Cannabis To Be Held In Palm Beach


The Ninth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics will be held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center on May 21 through May 23, with more 30 of the top healthcare professionals, doctors, and patients advocating Medical Cannabis treatments.

Patients out of Time is hosting The Ninth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics at the Palm Beach County Convention Center on May 21 through May 23. Patients out of Time will bring together world-renowned experts in cannabis therapeutics to assist healthcare workers, related business interests, and the general public, from around the country, on ways to improve patient outcomes with the use of cannabis therapeutics.

The conference will have expert presentations, panel discussions and onsite exhibitors available to introduce healthcare professionals to the fundamental research on the use of cannabis as an effective and powerful medicine. This conference will award Continuing Medical Education credits for healthcare workers who participate in specific events.

There will also be a special benefit dinner and auction to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Patients Out of Time.

"Cannabis is a powerful and effective medicine, "said Mary Lynn Mathre, president and cofounder of Patients Out of Time and the president and founding member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about everything from cannabis healthcare administration to social advocacy from world leaders in the field."

Florida: 'Marijuana Court' Judge Caught Drunk On The Job


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

A Florida judge apparently came to work drunk last week, and her inebriated antics at the bench caused such an uproar that the chief judge had to take things in hand.

Pollack came into a Broward County court obviously drunk last week, calling for her staff to be fired, reports Deirdra Funcheon at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times. Chief Judge Peter Weinstein reportedly had to be called out of a meeting to personally remove the juiced judge from the courtroom.

"The staff tried to keep the judge off the bench," reports Red Broward at The Daily Broward. "The Judge's response was basically "Fuck you; you're fired."

Broward himself declined to name the drunken judge, but her name was soon revealed on Jaablog, an insider blog targeted to lawyers and judges, and Broward Beat soon also named her.

The judge had been "writing irrational emails" lately, according to Broward Beat. One recent day, Judge Pollack was seen entering the courthouse through an exit door, according to a source, a security no-no.

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