Global: Groups From 13 Countries Form New International Cannabis Patient Coalition


Coalition ratifies declaration this past week in Prague, urging the UN to reclassify cannabis plant for medical use

Medical cannabis patients from 13 countries, including those represented by U.S. advocacy group Americans for Safe Access (ASA), established the International Medical Cannabis Patients Coalition (IMCPC) this past week while at the "Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Policy, Research and Medical Practice" conference in Prague from March 4-7. IMCPC member countries include Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States.

The first action of the IMCPC was to ratify a declaration urging the 2016 UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs to either reclassify cannabis for medical use, convene a UN Special Convention on Cannabis, or simply exclude cannabis from the UN Single Convention on Narcotics. The IMCPC declaration will be delivered to the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna this week by Pavel Bem, the Czech representative for the Global Commission on Drug Policy.

Poland: Pro-Cannabis Marches Glide Through Warsaw

There is a truth that must be heard! The Ras Tafari Religious Community staged three different marches in favour of the legalization of marihuana in Warsaw, Wednesday.

The marches started at 15.00 CET in three different locations in the city centre and finished at the Parliament.

The aim of the marches is to protest against Warsaw City Hall’s decision to refuse the “Free Hemp” Legislative Initiative Committee to register a demonstration in favor of the legalization of marihuana.

“We’ll stop the traffic in the city for some time and let the world know that in Poland people don’t have the right to meet on the streets,” Adam Fularz from Ras Tafari Religious Community told the PAP news agency earlier.

The Warsaw City Hall argues that the decision had nothing to do with the subject of the demonstration.

“Cannabis supporters wanted to organize three marches a day for twelve days in Warsaw city centre in rush hours. The marches would cause huge traffic jams and be a major inconvenience for city residents. Organizers of the protests did not try to reach a compromise, they openly admitted that their aim is to cause traffic chaos,” says Marcin Ochmanski from Warsaw City Hall, adding that in May “Free Hemp” Legislative Initiative Committee was allowed to stage a protest.

Source: http://www.thenews.pl/national/artykul140132_pro-cannabis-marches-woft-t...

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