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Oregon: Northwest NAACP Calls on Faith Leaders to Support Cannabis Tax Act

Drug war hurts civil rights for people of color say Measure 80 supporters

Helen Silvis, The Skanner News

There is a truth that must be heard! The NAACP state conference of Oregon, Washington and Alaska is urging business leaders, political leaders and the faith community to support Measure 80, the cannabis tax initiative, in the November election. Three states will consider measures to legalize and tax cannabis this November: Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

"Our nation’s long, tragic, failed war on drugs has taken a disproportionate toll on people of color,” said NAACP AOWS-AC President Oscar Eason, Jr.

“To right the wrongs of the past, we need to end the drug war immediately and replace it with a common-sense approach. I call on Oregon’s business, civic -- and especially its religious – leaders to add their voices to the coalition getting behind Oregon Measure 80.”

Eason said the Alaska, Oregon, Washington State-Area Conference (AOWS-AC) has endorsed Oregon Measure 80, the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act. And he said ending the drug war is a civil rights issue.

In Washington, three pastors have spoken out in support of Initiative 502, which would allow adults to possess and use cannabis, and would levy a 25 percent tax at each point of sale.

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