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Bermuda: Activist Says 'We've Won,' Claims Cannabis Now Fully Legal


Activist Alan Gordon Claims Deliberate Crown Non-Intervention in Known Large Religious/Medical Grow Operation Sets “Unacceptable and Unconstitutional” Precedent Which Tramples Others’ Racial and Religious Rights

Cannabis activist Alan Gordon of Bermuda told Hemp News on Monday that an unconstitutional double standard has occurred, in that the Crown is prosecuting Black Rastafarian and atheist cannabis defendants, despite turning a deliberately blind eye to a Gordon’s own Hebrew religious large-scale cultivation and Christian medical-religious distribution of the plant.

Gordon said that in a medical/religious context, he cultivated more than 80 plants this year, approximating 10 pounds of finished cannabis, and distributed it with the Bermuda Police Services’ full prior knowledge. Gordon provided corroborating correspondence, and said the Public Safety Ministry was also told ahead of time -- and yet no apparent action was taken by either agency to effectively stop the cultivation and distribution of the cannabis before it found its way into the community.

“When the Ministry and Police opted not to interfere with my attempt to make Hebrew Biblical medicinal anointing oil (from the recipe in Exodus 30:23) this past grow season, they did so because they assumed Parliament would bring reform so quickly that dealing with it was not worth the trouble and expense,” said Gordon. “But how is prosecuting Black Rastafarians in the public interest, if prosecuting me isn’t?”

Bermuda: Public Safety Funded Training For Local Doctors To Reject All Medical Cannabis


Gordon Says "Ask Your Doctor" Stance Has Been a Cruel Joke For Dying Patients

Bermuda’s Public Safety Ministries have, for nearly 10 years, have been paying money to train Bermuda’s doctors and nurses to reject all medical cannabis, according to local marijuana activist Alan Gordon.

If Gordon's allegations are true, this flies in the face of government promises to let doctors decide patients’ fate, and to review applications fairly under Premier Michael Dunkley's "Ask Your Doctor" stance.

Gordon claims 76 percent of doctors worldwide will recommend medical cannabis, compared to less than 10 percent in Bermuda, and attributes this bizarre difference to Ministry-funded mis-training of local doctors.

“In the U.S., doctors can take accredited courses in cannabis medicine, while our doctors locally are following the advice of a former U.S. Drug Czar who now works for a Pharmaceutical company, GW Pharma, with a significant conflict of interest, “ Gordon said.

Gordon referred to former U.S. Deputy Drug Czar Dr. Andrea Barthwell, a heavily criticized speaker who came to the island numerous times over the past 10 years -- funded by the Public Safety Ministry, mind you -- making headlines and leading courses for medical professionals with a message that all herbal medical cannabis is a “sham”.

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