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Florida: Aging Baby Boomers Could Help 2014 Medical Marijuana Drive


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Members of the Florida Legislature have shown that they aren't interested in legalizing medical marijuana. A bill to allow cannabis for medicinal purposes never got a hearing, and lawmakers enacted a new ban on bongs, for good measure.

But Florida residents want medical marijuana, according to recent polling, which shows 70 percent saying they would likely vote to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes through a constitutional amendment on the 2014 ballot, reports Maggie Clark at Stateline. Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed gave medical marijuana a definite "yes."

Advocates in Florida who are trying to let voters decide the question for themselves could get a boost from a growing constituency of Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964) who favor medicinal pot. In the Sunshine State, about 27 percent of the population falls into the 45 to 64 age range, almost identical to the national average of 26 percent. But Florida does outpace the national average in the number of residents 65 and older.

Florida: Robert Platshorn's Pot Infomercial Pulled By Orlando Station

Florida: Robert Platshorn's Pot Infomercial Pulled By Orlando StationBy Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Robert Platshorn wants to spread the good news about medicinal cannabis. Since late last year, the former pot smuggler -- who served almost 30 years in federal prison after the "Black Tuna Gang" was busted by authorities -- has been buying TV time on local stations for his infomercial aimed and senior citizens, Should Grandma Smoke Pot?

The 30-minute show aims to educate the elderly on the pros of medical legalization, and is an extension of Platshorn's popular "Silver Tour," reports Kyle Swenson at Broward Palm Beach New Times.

Having already successful bought airtime and aired the show on stations in the Tampa area and in South Florida, Platshorn was ready to crack the Orlando market on WKCF, a CW affiliate owned by Hearst Media. But the deal fell apart at the last minute when the station got cold feet about the infomercial's message.

"When we bought the time to start running in March, they were very happy to sell it to us," Platshorn said. Should Grandma Smoke Pot? was scheduled for six half-hour slots on WKCF, according to Platshorn, at a total price of about $2,200; the deal was signed on February 26.

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