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Michigan: Plant Offers Alternative to Medicine

By LIZ SHEPARD, Times Herald

There is a truth that must be heard! Doctors are sorting through the state's medical marijuana law.

Some believe it is beneficial. Others say it's not for everyone.

Dr. Paul A. Meyer has worked at The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation clinic in Southfield for six months.

Meyer, who also runs a private practice in Saginaw, said he sees patients from throughout the metro area and as far away as Port Huron.

He said the plant can be used for multiple symptoms, including nausea, pain and seizures.

"I've never seen any individual plant or medicine that has such a wide range of effectiveness," Meyer said.

He said patients are screened by clinic staff before they reach him. Meyer evaluates them and decides if they qualify.

He started working at the clinic six months ago after seeing positive results with a few patients in his private clinic.

"I see many people who have been on dozens of medications and have not had relief, and yet cannabis helps with their problems," he said.

Meyer said medical marijuana patients are not using the drug to get high. His patients' average age is in the early 40s.

He said parts of the plant don't contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol -- referred to as THC for short -- which causes the psychological effects associated with marijuana. Some patients choose to use the THC-free part to avoid those effects.

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