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Medical Marijuana Will Be On Florida Ballot In November


By Derrick Stanley, Hemp News

Voters in Florida will again have an opportunity to legalize medical marijuana this November. Ballot organizers believe that the measure, which almost passed in 2014, will benefit from an increase in voter turnout in a presidential election year.

Growing support for medical marijuana legalization should help the measure pass in 2016. Ben Pollara, organizer of the petition drive for United for Care, said Wednesday "We feel very good that 60 percent plus of Florida voters will finally approve a true medical marijuana law."

The measure nearly passed in 2014, with 57.6percent of voters supporting the initiative; at least a 60 percent voter approval is required in Florida to approve a constitutional amendment.

More then enough voter signatures have already been collected to put the issue on the ballot. As of Wednesday 692,981 certified voter signatures had been collected, nearly 10,000 more than required.

Personal injury lawyer John Morgan is a major supporter and financial backer for the legalization initiative. He cites his brother's success in using marijuana to control muscle spasms as one of his main inspirations behind the campaign. Morgan has spent over $6 million in 2014 and 2016 in pursuit of medical marijuana legalization. He sent a message via e-mail to his supporters Wednesday night, saying "We're back. We're going to win for the patients. BELIEVE!"

Oregon: Earl Blumenauer - The Marijuana Initiative Process, The Decade of Decision

By Michael Bachara, Hemp News Correspondent

Earl Blumenauer on Reform Since 1973, when Earl Blumenauer first voted for legislation that successfully decriminalized marijuana in Oregon, he has been a supporter of a reasonable approach to marijuana regulation.

While he feels there are still many questions about the effects of marijuana use, he believes that this is an issue best left to the states. Blumenauer strongly supports the initiative process and encourages people to push forward in this process of changing the law.

"I suspect that doing your job right, engaging people in this debate, in this discussion, looking at the facts, trying to bring people together in a thoughtful non-hysterical way, letting the evidence speak for itself...I suspect this will be your decade of decision," Blumenauer proclaimed at the 2010 National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law's (NORML) Conference at the Governor Hotel in Portland.

After so many years working for the people of Oregon, Blumenauer has seen the evidence of our failed war on drugs, and feels that a re-examination of the way we handle marijuana and hemp would be greatly beneficial. Oregon has the potential to lead the way forward to a better future through regulation rather than prohibition.

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