California Narcotic Officers' Association Asks Obama To Retract Marijuana Comments


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

A California association of drug cops on Monday asked President Obama to retract his recent comments concerning marijuana being no more harmful than alcohol.

"The California Narcotic Officers' Association takes strong issue with your comparison of marijuana and alcohol," CNOA president Steve Riddle wrote to Obama in an open letter. The letter suggests that Obama "reevaluate" his comparison of alcohol and marijuana.

"Today's marijuana is far more potent that the marijuana that you have so honestly acknowledged using during your teens and early adulthood," Riddle writes. "Moreover, the increasingly popular Butane Hash Oil exceeds 80 percent THC, making it far more potent than the marijuana of one to three percent THC that characterized your era. Additionally, I would ask that you consider your recent comments in light of the documented material on marijuana harms that are posted on the White House Website."

"The comments of the President of the United States -- on any issue -- are taken very seriously," Riddle's letter reads. "When the President speaks, the media, teachers, children, and for that matter, the world listen. This is particularly true when the President speaks on an issue that is at the forefront of our culture such as drug use.

"It's not enough for the President to simply say that drug use is 'not something I encourage,'" Riddle wrote. "When it comes to the use of drugs, it is imperative that the President of the United States 'discourage' their use."

"Your comments in The New Yorker minimize the dangers of drug use, and by doing so, lessen the impression that drugs are harmful," Riddle claimed. "Having been in law enforcement for 28 years I have seen firsthand the destructive path illegal narcotics, including marijuana, have taken in the lives of so many on a daily basis.

"I would never condone or make reference to any substance that could diminish my children's future success as being 'less harmful,'" Riddle claimed. "Using marijuana, or any other drugs for that matter, is simply dangerous.

"I am sure you would never open the door for your children to even think it is OK to use marijuana for any reason," Riddle wrote. "Because of your honorable position as the leader of our great nation, you should hold the children of our nation to the same standard as your own children.

"It is never too late to do the right thing and correct a misunderstood statement and make it known that our nation's future should never include the endorsement of illegal narcotics, including marijuana," Riddle's letter absurdly goes on.

"The California Narcotic Officers' Association would respectfully request that you retract your comments on marijuana and alcohol," Riddle wrote. "They are being misused by people with their own legalization agenda to somehow make the argument that the legal status of alcohol demands legalization of yet another addictive substance that will inevitably be commercialized and marketed to children." (We have to mention that last comment is totally false and irresponsible, since the marketing of alcohol is, of course, strictly prohibited, and the marketing of marijuana to children is not allowed in Colorado or Washington, and is banned by the Eight Federal Guidelines, as well.)

"I thank you ahead of time for your future clarification on the harm of marijuana to our nation," Riddle's ridiculous little letter concludes.