Colorado: Army Veteran Wants To Give Away Marijuana To Others Who Have Served


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

A Vietnam-era Army veteran wants to give away marijuana to others who have served in the military. It's a simple matter, the way Roger Martin sees it.

"True patriots support cannabis for heroes," he said, reports CBS Denver.

Martin, 61, said he's on a mission to help veterans in Colorado -- and by helping them, he means giving them free cannabis. "To help them be in a position where they can lessen the drug use they're taking and hopefully live a more productive life," he said.

He's the executive director of Operation Grow4Vets, a nonprofit that gives away free marijuana and growing supplies to Colorado veterans who are hooked on prescription drugs or suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Martin said that years ago, he was hooked on Oxycontin. He said that his life changed when another doctor switched him to cannabis.

His website,, says cannabis is a "safe alternative to deadly drug cocktails." The group only went online for the first time on Tuesday night, and by Wednesday morning more than 200 veterans had already applied for free marijuana.

Veterans and companies are donating marijuana, edibles, cannabis oil, and grow supplies, according to Martin.

"We owe these veterans," Martin said. "When you enlist in the military they promise to take care of you. A lot of times they don't."

Just last week, Colorado lawmakers voted to deny marijuana as an approved treatment for PTSD.

"I think it's an absolute disgrace," Martin said. "Where is the compassion?" He said he plans to fight that decision.

Giving marijuana away is legal under Amendment 64, the 2012 voter-approved measure that legalized cannabis in the state.

Martin said anyone who wants to stop him is welcome to try.

"If somebody wants to step up and challenge us when we're helping veterans, if they think that's the PC thing to do, good luck to them," he said.

More than 200 Colorado legislators voted against allowing medical marijuana as a treatment for PTSD.