Colorado: Retail Marijuana Labels Must Include Potency, Expiration Dates, Safety Warning


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Colorado has announced extensive rules regulating how recreational marijuana should be grown and sold starting next year under the legalization measure approved last November by voters.

The state department responsible for cannabis regulation on Monday released more than 60 pages of rules for how marijuana retailers will be licensed and regulated, reports The Denver Channel.

The rules require labels to include potency, expiration dates, and a disclaimer that marijuana isn't legal outside Colorado and hasn't been safety-tested.

The Colorado Legislature set broad rules earlier this year, but the details were left to the state Department of Revenue.

Last year's voter-approved cannabis legalization measure, Amendment 64, required the department to release rules by July 1. Retail recreational marijuana sales won't start until January 2014.

The new recreational marijuana rules don't apply to medical marijuana dispensaries.

(Graphic: Ma'ayan Rosenzweig/ABC News)