United States: Gatewood Galbraith - Every Generation Must Re-Win Its Own Freedom

Now's the Time....Whether you support the Teapot Party, Tea Party or any other party, this candidate appeals to a wide variety of voters and is sure to stir up some governmental changes in Kentucky and across the United States.

By Michael Bachara, Hemp News Correspondent

Washington: Seattle Hempfest 2010: Gatewood Galbraith - Every Generation Must Re-Win It's Own Freedom Gatewood Galbraith is currently campaigning for Kentucky's 2011 gubernatorial race as an Independent, free from any party affiliations, and describes himself as free from hidden agenda. Galbraith is focusing his campaign on young voters by proposing a freeze on college tuition expenditures, a $5,000 educational voucher to high school graduates for college or technical school, and legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes, which he estimates could save the state $500 million to $1 billion in medical costs each year. His pledge is to end the “synthetic subversion” in his state.

A long-time hemp proponent, Galbraith was a guest at the Seattle Hempfest 2010 festival and spoke on the main stage eulogizing his long-time friend Jack Herer. “Jack Herer is a social and philosophical tsunami,” Galbraith exclaimed, “the ripples from whose splash will forever grace the shores of human consciousness in every freedom loving nation.”

At Hempfest, Hemp News was able to have a one on one interview with Galbraith and he took the time with us to talk about personal influences in his life, role-models of substance and the character of true heroes. He preached of the need for individuals from this generation to stand up and take action on the problems of today. "Every generation must re-win its own freedoms," he proclaimed.

According to Galbraith on his website, "This election will prove to be the most historic election in Kentucky history. Kentucky can step forward by electing a leadership team that will serve our Nation as an example of how government can work for the people, by the people.”

It is this writer's belief that Galbraith is the change Kentucky, and our country, needs. He would be an intuitive Governor, helping to create thousands of jobs by implementing his forward-thinking plans. Bottom-line, he is running for the betterment of Kentucky, which has been plagued by perennial problems.

Please support Gatewood Galbraith for Governor of Kentucky. Learn more about his efforts at www.gatewood.com.

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