Global: Seattle Hempfest 2010: Paul Stanford - Work For Global Cannabis Freedom

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Stop the Drug War, Before They Kick In Your Door

By Paul Stanford, Executive Director of THCF for Hemp News

There is a truth that must be heard! My speech at the 2010 Seattle Hempfest is my effort to highlight the historical, scientific and philosophical importance of hemp and cannabis. I honor cannabis reform activists that have passed on, such as Jack Herer and Dr. Tod Mikuriya; those arrested for cannabis, such as cannabis minister Roger Christie of Hawaii, Marc Emery of Canada, and Eddy Lepp of California; and those sentenced to death for cannabis in Malaysia.

In this oration, I also specifically place emphasis on hemp as a precious gift from our creator for alternative energy (which could end toxic petrochemical spills); a 1916 U.S. Department of Agriculture study on hemp hurds used for paper making material (which could end global deforestation and protect the seventh generation); and hemp foods as a perfect balance of Omega, 3, 6 and 9 for our bodies. Cannabis is also a source of natural medicine that is contributing to the fight against cancer, multiple sclerosis and a multitude of other illnesses, including post traumatic stress disorder. Hemp would contribute to the return of economic control to the people and away from the monopolistic petrochemical companies.

In conclusion, I ask for everyone to work together to support California's tax and regulate Prop 19, Oregon's Ballot 74 regarding dispensaries and other upcoming monumental ballot measures across the country on the issue of global cannabis freedom.

Restore Hemp!

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Footage: Seattle Hempfest
August 22, 2010

Courtesy: Hemp News