Illinois: Candidates for Governor on Medical Marijuana

Illinois: Candidates for Governor on Medical Marijuana
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - Candidates for governor in Illinois discuss legalizing marijuana for medical use in an Associated Press questionnaire.

The state Senate has voted to legalize medical marijuana. The House has not taken action on the proposal. What are your views on the issue?



-- Dan Hynes: "I do not support the outright legalization of marijuana."

-- Pat Quinn: "People who are seriously ill deserve access to all medical treatments that will help them."



-- Rich Whitney: "I support legalization of marijuana, period."



-- Adam Andrzejewski: "I could support this bill as long as (it's) for qualified medical uses only."

-- Bill Brady: "Legalizing medical marijuana appears to me to be nothing more than moving us down the slope of legalizing marijuana."

-- Kirk Dillard: "I do not support legalizing medical marijuana due to the concerns of the law enforcement community that it will be difficult to enforce."

-- Andy McKenna: "I would have opposed the legislation presented to the Senate."

-- Dan Proft: "In narrowly-defined instances where a doctor believes this treatment would alleviate the suffering of an individual ... I would be inclined to allow a licensed doctor to prescribe such treatment."

-- Jim Ryan: "I would be open to a narrowly drawn bill that legalizes medical marijuana. It can provide needed relief for patients with various afflictions."

-- Bob Schillerstrom: "No conclusive evidence has been put forward to justify its legalization for medical purposes."