Nevada: Lawmaker Wants To Legalize Marijuana

Nevada: Lawmaker Wants To Legalize MarijuanaBy Steve Elliott
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One Nevada lawmaker wants to make it legal for adults to possess marijuana. Assemblyman Joe Hogan plans to introduce his bill in Carson City on Friday.

"From seeing the types of crimes that come across my desk, marijuana generally isn't the basis of any of these crimes," said criminal defense attorney Vicki Greco, reports Rikki Cheese of 13 Action News. "I feel like that I've seen alcohol destroy more families and homes than I have marijuana," Greco said.

But legalization is an uphill battle, according to Greco, who said laws would have to address how marijuana would be supplied, potency levels and where and how it could be smoked and sold.

"I think if it's recreational and people aren't getting into trouble with selling and you know, they just want to sit home and relax? I really don't see any harm in it," said Kristy Haslett of Las Vegas.

Another bill in the works would create a system of safe access for Nevada's medical marijuana patients. Although it's already legal to use cannabis in Nevada for medicinal purposes with a doctor's authorization, there is, under current law, no legal way to actually get it.