Oregon: Sign the Cannabis Tax Act Petition

OCTA 2012 The Office of the Secretary of State received a certified ballot title from the Attorney General on February 24, 2011, for initiative petition #9, proposing a statutory amendment, for the General Election of November 6, 2012.

When it is passed, this groundbreaking legislation will: regulate the legal sale of marijuana to adults through state-licensed stores, allow adults to grow their own, license Oregon farmers to grow marijuana for state-licensed stores and allow unlicensed Oregon farmers to grow cannabis hemp for fuel, fiber and food. The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 (OCTA2012) will raise an estimated $140 million a year by taxing commercial cannabis sales to adults 21 years of age and older, and save an estimated $61.5 million as law enforcement, corrections and judicial attention can focus on violent crimes and theft. We estimate this will amount to $200 million a year more funding for state government. Ninety percent of the proceeds will go into the state general fund, 7% for drug treatment programs, one percent each for drug education in public schools, and two new state commissions to promote hemp biofuel, hemp fiber and food.

The certified ballot title is as follows:

Allows personal marijuana, hemp cultivation/use without license; commission to regulate commercial marijuana cultivation/sale

Result of a "Yes" Vote : "Yes" vote allows commercial marijuana (cannabis) cultivation/sale to adults through state-licensed stores; allows unlicensed adult personal cultivation/use; prohibits restrictions on hemp (defined).

Result of a "No" Vote: "No" vote retains existing civil and criminal laws prohibiting cultivation, possession and delivery of marijuana; retains current statutes that permit regulated medical use of marijuana.

Summary: Currently, marijuana cultivation, possession and delivery are prohibited; regulated medical marijuana use is permitted. Measure replaces state, local marijuana laws except medical marijuana and driving under the influence laws; distinguishes "hemp" from "marijuana"; prohibits regulation of hemp. Creates commission to license marijuana cultivation by qualified persons and to purchase entire crop. Commission sells marijuana at cost to pharmacies, medical research facilities, and to qualified adults for profit through state-licensed stores. Ninety percent of net goes to state general fund, remainder to drug education, treatment, hemp promotion. Bans sales to, possession by minors. Bans public consumption except where signs permit, minors barred. Commission regulates use, sets prices, other duties; Attorney General to defend against federal challenges/prosecutions. Provides penalties. Effective January 1, 2013; other provisions.

Sign Petition Single Signature Sheet Petition Instructions:

The petition linked here is ONLY a single sheet petition. Following these instructions carefully will ensure that you meet the state of Oregon's requirements, so your signatures count. If you wish to circulate a ten signature sheet petition, please fill out our volunteer form.

• Do not put anything on the petition, like a sticker or stamp of any kind or write any slogans on there, this will disqualify the entire sheet.

• DO NOT cross anything off or write over anything on the petition.

• Do not number the petition.

• Along with your signature please print your name address and date. Please use a pen.

• A person can only sign a petition once, and CANNOT sign for anyone else. For example, husbands cannot sign for their wives.

• The date you sign at the bottom must be in MM/DD/YY format, no exceptions.

You MUST be a registered Oregon voter. Register Now. Sign your full name, as you did when you registered to vote.

• You may print off sheets for your friends and family to sign, if they too are registered Oregon voters.

• You may also forward the link to friends who wish to sign the petition.

Mail Petitions to:
OCTA Campaign Headquarters
2712 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97232

To view the full text of the proposed legislation, OCTA 2012 Full Text (PDF)