Oregon: Medical Cannabis Awards Kindle Community Determination

Talk of renewed unity within the cannabis legalization movement ignites a sense of family within the community

By Michael Bachara, Hemp News Correspondent/Oregon NORML Member

Oregon: Medical Cannabis Awards Kindle Community Determination The 9th Annual Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards, sponsored by Oregon NORML, included a public Holiday Bazaar featuring unique items from a dozen vendors and held educational programs at the World Famous Cannabis Café located 322 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97216. The Cannabis Cafe is a private club that serves Oregon Medical Marijuana Program registrants, and is not usually open to the public.

Madeline Martinez, Executive Director of Oregon NORML, kicked off the event speaking of the need to move forward in the effort to attain freedom for everyone in 2012. She discussed the successes and shortfalls from 2010 and encouraged cannabis activists everywhere to join together and move on to the next steps toward legalization. Martinez encouraged the crowd to sign the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 petition, which would legalize cannabis in Oregon and restore industrial hemp as a viable cash crop.

Danny Danko, Senior Cultivation Editor of High Times Magazine was on-hand for a grow seminar and also showcased a book signing for his new book The Official High Times Field Guide to Marijuana Strains. It was a huge success; he seemed to sell out within minutes.

Oregon NORML Attorneys Paul Loney and Leland Berger held a legal panel informing people of their rights.

The prestigious Oregon NORML Rick Bayer Award was given to Dr. Eric Dover for standing his ground and fighting the Oregon Medical Board on a decision made earlier in the year. He was unable to attend the event.

Anthony Johnson of Coalition for Patients Rights spoke from the heart about his roots in the cannabis movement, the influences in his life and the positive aspects Measure 74 brought to Oregon's consciousness. While discussing his influences, Johnson gave special thanks to his wife and mother-in-law for their contributions to the cannabis legalization movement. Johnson accepted the Oregon NORML "Freedom Fighter of the Year Award" on behalf of his organization.

Sunil Aggarwal, PhD inspired the crowd by offering an overview of the corrupt pharmaceutical influence taking place within the United States and spoke of the urgency for health professionals to stand up and make a case for removal of cannabis’ classification as a Schedule I substance. Aggarwal was presented his 2009 Oregon NORML Rick Bayer Award for his courage to speak out in favor of American medicine to reconsidering cannabis as a viable medicine.

J. Mack and Big Dub were the musical entertainment for the event, and kept the crowd dancing with their upbeat cannabis themed lyrics and smooth beats.

OVERALL Results:
1st Place: Shiskaberry
2nd Place: TIE - Stinky Sweet and Hash Plant
3rd Place - Perma Frost

1st Place: TIE - Dutch Indica, Blueberry, Blackberry Kush
2nd Place: Medicine Woman
3rd Place: The Black

1st Place: Dutch Indica
2nd Place: Limon
3rd Place: Train Wreck

1st Place: Gorgonzola
2nd Place: TIE - Perma Frost and Dogshit
3rd Place: Medicine Woman

1st Place: Space Cheeze
2nd Place: Limon
3rd Place: Rotten Rhino

1st Place: Space Cheeze
2nd Place: Pot of Gold
3rd Place: Rotten Rhino

MEDICAL EFFECT is not given a separate ribbon, but is given double weight in the final scores.

1st Place: Shiskaberry
2nd Place: Hash Plant
3rd Place: TIE - Perma Frost and Gorgonzola

Footage: OMCA 2010
World Famous Cannabis Cafe
December 18, 2010
Website: http://ornorml.org
J. Mack and Big Dub: http://www.reverbnation.com/jmackandbigdub