Washington: Tacoma Hempfest 2010 Draws Awareness

By Michael Bachara, Larry L.K. Kirk and Nick Scranton, Hemp News Staff

Washington: Tacoma Hempfest 2010 Draws Awareness On Saturday, June 26, organizers from across the state celebrated the 1st Annual Tacoma Hempfest at Wright Park.

The weather was perfect for a day out as thousands converged and brought attention to the cannabis plant, as well as highlighting the injustice done to Canadian citizen Marc Emery who many feel is wrongly incarcerated in the United States for selling seeds.

"Free Marc Emery" was the chant that could be heard throughout the day in opposition to his incarceration.

Musical acts and keynote speakers such Seattle Hempfest core member Vivian McPeak also inspired the crowd with moving dedications to fallen warrior Jack Herer, by declaring, "Every generation that comes along, it becomes necessary for somebody to step forward who can articulate a message of freedom and hope and show us a pathway away from tyranny to liberty. For this generation that was Jack Herer." He went on by stating, "Jack literally gave his life to the cannabis movement; he refused to stop!"

The crowd was encouraged by Sensible Washington Coordinators to learn that the 2010 I-1068 campaign can still make the November ballot with a strong finish. "When we want to see a change in the world we have to make that change," said a Sensible Washington volunteer.

Hemp News would like to thank the organizers of this event. We look forward to the 2011 Tacoma Hempfest. It is inspiring to see that activism is alive and growing in Washington State.

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Source: June 26, 2010 - Tacoma Hempfest by L.K. and Nick Scranton, Hemp News