U.S.: Drug Policy Alliance Says Marijuana Edibles Should Be Tested and Regulated


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

The Drug Policy Alliance on Tuesday released an official statement on marijuana-infused products -- "edibles" -- which it says "are an important part of the burgeoning marijuana market." The DPA recommends laboratory testing, labeling, and regulation of the products.

The statement applies to cannabis-infused foods, drinks, tinctures, "or any other product infused with marijuana that is often consumed orally," according to the DPA.

"For many consumers, these products are a better option than smoking," the statement reads. "Infused products are also vital to people who use marijuana for medical reasons, because their effects last longer and can be manufactured with doses that meet patients' needs in a reliable way. However, proper regulation is necessary to ensure reliability and safety."

According to DPA, the products should be regulated and tested to ensure safety, quality and reliability of information. DPA recommends labeling edibles "with detailed information to ensure that consumers are informed about what they are consuming and educated on how to safely consume, and that all edibles should be kept away from children."

DPA is advocating for four main principles when it comes to cannabis infused products.

1. Edibles must be kept away from children.

2. Edibles must be clearly labeled.
This should include, at a minimum, according to DPA, production date, expiration date (if necessary), all ingredients, nutritional information, total active cannabinoids, number of servings, and how many milligrams of active cannabinoids constitute a serving.
DPA also wants all edibles to be labeled with warnings about driving or operating heavy machinery while under the influence. The labels should note that the effects could take up to two hours for onset and last for up to 6-8 hours.

3. Edibles must be tested and safety standards for health and safety.
"When possible, edibles should be packaged to reflect a reasonable or average dose rather than requiring the consumer to divide the product into multiple servings and risk over-consumption," the DPA recommends.

4. Consumers must be provided information on edibles and how to safely consume them.

Graphic: Herbal Mission