California: A Letter From Eddy Lepp


The dark angels of Babylon are among us and are trying to take one of our own.

The Reverend Eddy Lepp is to be sentenced February 23, 2009 to two life sentences for growing the sacred herb.

He was denied a religious defense even after the judge ruled he met all the standards necessary to allow this.

Eddy Lepp had notified the Governor, the Attorney General, the Board Of Supervisors of Lake County, the Lake County District Attorney, and the local Sheriff; all by certified mail that he was growing the sacred herb for medicinal and spiritual use – by the members of the Multi-Denominational Ministry of Cannabis and Rastafari.

Jah Rastafari.

Reverend Lepp protected all members of his church, and was the only one charged.

After four years of litigation, his trial was reduced to two very short days of testimony due to restrictions placed by Judge Marilyn Hall Patel. The whole trial was over in less than one week.

We ask that you contact Judge Marilyn Hall Patel and ask that she be lenient in sentencing Reverend Lepp for this victimless act. Court Information: Eddy is scheduled to appear in front of the court February 23, 2009 to face possibly two life sentences.

We hope you will take the time to write the judge and ask for leniency in Eddy's sentencing.
Here is a sample letter that we ask all concerned to please sign and send to Judge Patel. You are welcome to change the wording in any way you want, but be respectful so the Judge pays attention to your message!

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Honorable Judge Patel
c/o Michael Hinckley
Attorney for Rev. Charles Eddy Lepp
Re: Federal Sentencing of Reverend Charles Eddy Lepp OR send by mail to: Honorable Judge Marilyn Hall Patel
United States District Court
Northern District Of California
Philip E. Burton Courthouse and Federal Building
450 Golden Gate Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102

Dear Judge Patel,

I am writing to ask for leniency in the sentencing for Reverend Charles Eddy Lepp, which is scheduled for February 23, 2009

Reverend Charles Eddy Lepp is a Rastafarian minister, and as such is compelled to provide land and assistance to his flock for the cultivation of the sacred herb. Reverend Lepp notified many local, state and federal agencies that he was cultivating cannabis for his ministry based on Federal Law (RFRA) and California State Law (Proposition 215), which clearly allow for medical and religious use of cannabis in spite of any DEA classifications.

We pray that you treat Reverend Charles Eddy Lepp with leniency, as he was merely allowing others to grow cannabis for medical and religious use on Church property with no evidence of personal profit; we pray that you remember his good character and the honor of his word by his obeyance of your court orders; and the sincerity of his beliefs that he was allowed to do this under the previously mentioned law.

Please be lenient to this valuable member of our community. Please remember his service in uniform for our country, and the many things he has done to help those less fortunate. His service to the sick and dying, homeless and downtrodden is well known to many of us, and we would miss his presence and spiritual guidance greatly. We pray you can find some alternative to prison time that allows him to work for the community into the future.


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