Tennessee: Hemp Research at Middle Tennessee State University Shows Promise

Middle Tennessee State University

By Michael Bachara
Hemp News

On the campus of Middle Tennessee State University, graduate students are cultivating cannabis in greenhouses to research potential medicinal uses for the plant.

Shannon Smith, a graduate student at the university, said, "We're not interested in the full plant itself, we're just interested in the compounds the plant can produce."

The university, which has been licensed by the state, also received the approval of the Board of Regents and the Governor.

Many people recognize industrial hemp as rope or fiber, but seeds are a nutritious super food and now scientists are discovering amazing potential breakthroughs in hemp as a medicine. Leading professors and students have been researching and cloning hemp and other plants in search of new medical treatments for ailments.

Researchers and farmers alike, believe industrial hemp could become Tennessee's next big cash crop, according to a report by News Channel 5.

According to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, "The history of hemp production Tennessee dates to the early 19th century with the arrival of pioneer families. Donald Winters, in his Tennessee Farming, quotes an East Tennessee report from the 1840s: "Hemp grows luxuriantly upon our River Bottom Lands, but has hitherto been neglected; although it is believed to be more profitable than any other crop that can be raised." Winters writes that during the War with Mexico, the state legislature petitioned the U.S. government to help promote hemp production in Tennessee."

Photo Source: News Channel 5