Illinois: Religious Leaders Back Medical Marijuana | Trying to Get State Senate to OK Measure

By Mike Thomas, Chicago Sun Times

There is a truth that must be heard! The Illinois Senate could vote as early as next week on a bill that would allow patients who are seriously ill to use medical marijuana for treatment with a doctor's approval.

In a further attempt to get the bill passed, the Washington, D.C.-based group Interfaith Drug Policy Initiative claims to have obtained the support of more than 60 religious leaders statewide. In a list provided to the Sun-Times, the faiths range from Jewish and Methodist to Baptist and Roman Catholic. Several lead Chicago parishes.

IDPI executive director Charles Thomas says his organization hopes the additional backing from these men and women of God "will reassure the legislators. And for those who are on the fence or maybe somewhat opposed, you might finally get them to stop and think about it -- to open up their minds to it a little bit and not just kind of flinch away. 'Marijuana: bad.' "

A companion bill was passed by the Illinois House Health and Human Services Committee early last month. Medical marijuana is currently legal in 13 states.

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Photo Source: (Matt Marton/Sun-Times News Group)

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