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Ole Miss Federal Cannabis Plot

By Michael Bachara
Hemp News

The Louisiana State University (LSU) Ag Center and Southern University Ag Center will soon be joining the University of Mississippi as an official medical cannabis producers.

Recently, the Louisiana Legislature passed a law allowing LSU and Southern University to cultivate and produce medical cannabis. The research will include extensive studies on cannabis to treat HIV, AIDS, cancer and seizure disorders.

“The medical research on this, in terms of marijuana, is lacking in general. We have a lot of antidotal information, but not a lot of real clinical studies of if you do this, you get this outcome,” said vice president of LSU agriculture, Dr. Bill Richardson.

LSU’s role, Richardson says, will focus on research. “We didn’t want to be just another marijuana grower. We really wanted to do something to be involved in a research program and help people long term,” said Dr. Richardson.

Since 1968, Ole Miss has been growing cannabis for the federal government and the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

“We’ve made the biggest contribution in the nation in understanding the chemistry of the plant. We have isolated more compounds out of the cannabis plant that anyone in the world actually,” said the Ole Miss program’s head, Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly.

Dr. ElSohly thinks the gap between state and federal cannabis laws creates a double standard within the industry. “LSU doing this would be conducting an illegal operation under the federal law,” said Dr. ElSolhly. “It might be OK in Louisiana, but it’s not OK on the federal level.”

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Photo Source: Ole Miss Pharmacy