U.S.: Dab Kits Stands Behind Product with Lifetime Warranty


Dab Kits, the retailer of high-end premium wax vaporizers, on Tuesday announced that they will offer a lifetime warranty on their product. The company said its decision to extend the warranty from six months of coverage to a lifetime guarantee "is part of Dab Kits’ ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and service."

With the growing popularity of wax vape pens, it is more important now than ever to provide people with high-quality affordable vaporizers that they can depend on, according to Matt Cheatle, cofounder of Dab Kits.

“At Dab Kits, we stand firmly behind the quality of our products and strive to ensure that our customer service is second to none,” Cheatle said.

Confident in the durability and excellence of their cannabis vaporizers, Dab Kits now offers lifetime coverage on all manufacturer defects of the housing unit and battery by either replacing or repairing the parts. Atomizers will be covered, as before, under a 30-day warranty.

Though the heating element itself is not covered under Dab Kits’ warranty, replacements are available for purchase at www.dabkits.com.

In order to repair or replace a part of Dab Kits’ wax vaporizers, customers need to contact support@dabkits.com for a Return Material Authorization form (RMA). All exchange requests should be sent with a completed RMA form, proof of purchase, and the item to be repaired/exchanged.

Though the previous warranty only covered the housing unit and battery for six months, Cheatle assures that the warranty change is mostly a formality and that they’ve done their best to work with customers even after their six month warranty had lapsed.

“At Dab Kits, we have always encouraged a company culture that empowers our employees to use their best judgment in regards to warranty issues, and those decisions have traditionally been in favor of our customers,” Cheatle said. “Because of this dedication to customer service, we’ve unofficially been honoring lifetime warranties since the beginning. Now, we’ve decided to make it official.”

Customers who are unsure if their Dab Kits vaporizer is still covered under the warranty should contact support@dabkits.com.