California: Cops Wear 'FUCK THE GROWERS' Shirts During San Diego Pot Raids


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Marijuana for medicinal purposes was legalized by California voters at the ballot box back in 1996 -- but some law enforcement types apparently still haven't gotten the message. Police routinely terrorize thousands of patient-cultivators every year with warrantless, no-knock raids, willfully ignoring established law, and now a San Diego narcotics officer has been photographed wearing a t-shirt reading "FUCK THE GROWERS... MARIJUANA'S STILL ILLEGAL -- while raiding patients.

Advocacy group Reform California on October 24 posted pictures of a San Diego Narcotics Task Force officer wearing the profane shirt during a Wednesday raid in Imperial Beach, reports David Downs at SF Gate. The photo was reportedly snapped by a 10News photojournalist.

While marijuana is still illegal under federal law for any purpose, state law enforcement officers are supposed uphold state laws. California residents with a doctor's authorization can possess or grow any amount of marijuana deemed medically necessary by their physician.

The state Attorney General's guidelines, backed by Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris, call for less than eight ounces of dried flowers or six mature plants per patient. However, a mysterious, state-funded force, including officers from the AG's office, recently conducted warrantless raids on medical marijuana growers on the same day Harris laughed when asked for her position on legalization, reports Reform California.

Meanwhile, the California Narcotics Officers Association insists upon living in denial in some sort of weird, ignorant time warp, claiming that cannabis isn't medicine. The CNOA publishes tips for its members on how to help imprison qualified medical marijuana patients, according to SF Gate.

About 20,000 Californians were arrested on marijuana charges in 2013.