Arizona: 7 Marijuana Industry Facts From 2014


Arizona’s medical marijuana industry has seen significant growth over the last few years, and it is predicted to continue to grow at a very rapid rate., a marijuana industry website, released a list of seven significant Arizona marijuana industry statistics from 2014:

1. 85 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries were operating in Arizona as of Dec. 31, 2014.

2. Nearly $112 million of revenue was generated by Arizona’s medical marijuana industry (based on an estimate that the average dispensary price for medical marijuana was $350 an ounce).

3. There are more than 61,000 medical marijuana patients in Arizona.

4. Eleven cards were revoked, which included caregivers with multiple cards.

5. Female qualifying patients and caregivers were usually older than male qualifying patients and caregivers.

6. 18-30 year olds had the most dispensary transactions followed by 31-40 year olds and then 51-60 year olds.

7. 1,563 (approximately 2.5 percent) of the medical marijuana qualifying patients and 371 (approximately 58 percent) of caregivers were authorized to cultivate marijuana.