Kentucky: Baptists Fight Off Push To Legalize Medical Marijuana


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Kentucky Baptists may have won a major legislative victory by helping to defeat a measure in the General Assembly that would have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, but they managed to give themselves a public relations black eye in the process, showing themselves to both be out of touch with modern medical research, and severely lacking in compassion, as well.

Almost as distressing as the fact that they were able to stop this compassionate legislation in its tracks is the fact that these heaven-dazed idiots were proud of themselves for doing it.

Legislators finished the 2015 session early Wednesday morning without passing a bill which would have made cannabis available for medical purposes.

Kentucky Baptist Convention Executive Director Paul Chitwood, who apparently was determined to flaunt his ignorance in front of large numbers of people, had called on lawmakers to reject the proposal, claiming Kentucky shouldn't follow the lead of other states that have done the same.

The KBC is Kentucky's largest religious organization, and as such has a powerful voice in the state, where 1 million of the state's 4.4 million residents self identify as Southern Baptists. Those demographics -- which correlate strongly with conservative political positions -- filter into the Legislature, where almost half the Senate and a third of the House identify themselves as Baptists.

"The success we had this year was, in large part, thanks to the stand Dr. Chitwood took on this issue," bragged Ed Shemelya, coordinator for the National Marijuana Initiative, an extremist whack-job organization opposing the legalization of cannabis. "I appreciate his courage and leadership on this issue," Shemelya adoringly butt-smooched.

Shemelya said the medical marijuana fight isn't over, as lawmakes are certain to be asked again to pass the legislation when the reconvene next January.

"We're already getting ready for next year," Shemelya boasted. "There's no doubt in my mind that this matter will be back again.

"If we can beat it down next year, we maybe able to put this to rest," Shelmelya said, the unholy gleam in his eye perhaps due to his proudly fantasizing about denying relief to thousands of suffering Kentucky patients.

Shemelya, a pathetic sell-out to Big Pharma, claimed "lots of FDA-approved drugs provide better treatment for ailments, and marijuana use can damage the lungs, immune systems and brains of long-term users." Seems a pity he obviously didn't have time to talk to any real cannabis patients.

"It makes no sense to bypass the FDA and allow Kentuckians to smoke marijuana under the guise that it is somehow medically beneficial," Chitwood said, revealing an almost unbelievably embarrassing ignorance on the issue.

"To the contrary, we know that marijuana is a gateway drug that often leads it users to even harder drugs that are claiming thousands upon thousands of lives through overdose," Chitwood lied.

The science, easily available to anyone with the intelligence and honesty to look it up, showed years ago that the so-called "gateway theory" is nonsense. To see what Time Magazine had to say on the subject (that is, if you prefer actual science over the ravings of some deranged Baptist), have a look at their article, "Marijuana as a Gateway Drug: The Myth That Will Not Die."

"Thankfully, lawmakers saw this for what it was," Chitwood said, "another step in the push by pro-marijuana advocates to legalize marijuana altogether."

Photo of religious whack-job and Kentucky Baptist Convention Executive Director Paul Chitwood: Union University