Colorado: Cannabis Chamber Celebrates 4/20; Reflects On End Of Prohibition


The Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce (C4) on Monday joined in recognizing 4/20, the most iconic business day of the year for those involved in the marijuana industry.

“For the Chamber, along with the businesses, employers, and entrepreneurs we represent, 4/20 is about far more than the day’s festivities and community,” C4 President Tyler Henson said. “This year, 4/20 is really about reflecting on the end of modern day prohibition in Colorado.”

“We already learned in the 1920’s with alcohol that prohibition simply doesn’t work in America,” Henson pointed out. "Prohibition created an unsafe environment for individuals, children, and society as a whole, allowing for black market activity to thrive and bringing about violent ‘liquor wars’.

"Today, the C4 Chamber is working to end a culture of ‘Prohibition 2.0’ as it relates to marijuana," Henson said. "Colorado’s cannabis experiment is now becoming the standard for the rest of the nation to follow as legal, recreational use quickly grows increasing popular among the general public."

The latest polls in Colorado show record support for marijuana, where now 62 percent of voters say they would legalize recreational use again if given the chance. And medicinal marijuana now has a whopping 89 percent public approval rating.

“4/20 is a day for us to highlight the excitement of this new industry we share with fellow Coloradans and the great opportunity we know that lies ahead,” Henson said.

Just last year, the marijuana industry created over 18,000 direct new, high-paying jobs across Colorado and brought hundreds of millions of additional new tax revenue to the state.

From continued education efforts for lawmakers, regulators, media, and the public, to building relationships with local schools and law enforcement, the C4 Chamber is not only working to be good stewards of our products, but also excellent stewards of our community.

“This 4/20, we first and foremost encourage all those participating to have fun and consume responsibly,” Henson said. “Parents, today is also an excellent opportunity to dialogue candidly with your kids about proper marijuana use as an adult product and activity.”

The C4 Chamber is confident that continued education is the key to success, for both the industry and the public at large.

“Our industry has a lot to celebrate this year, along with many additional ways to grow and improve in years to come," Henson said. "With these goals in mind, we wish all Coloradans, users and non-users alike, a safe and happy 4/20 celebration.”