Washington: Save Medical Marijuana -- You Can Now Get R76 NO Signature Sheets At Any FedEx


Medical marijuana dispensaries are slated for extinction in Washington state, thanks to the passage of SB 5052 by the Legislature. But the R76 NO campaign would head off 5052 at the pass, essentially nullifying the law through the voter referendum process.

The R76 NO campaign, representing as it does a way out of the death sentence imposed upon the medical marijuana community in Washington as we've known it for the past 17 years, is gaining a lot of support statewide, but one recurring question has been where supporters can get signature sheets so that they can help the referendum qualify for the November ballot. Due to the untiring efforts of Washington activist Don Skakie, medical marijuana supporters can now go to any full service FedEx location in the state and get printed, double-sided, 11x17 Referendum 76 signature sheets for just 12 cents each.

According to Skakie, all you have to do is ask for File Retrieval Code 2EE4248 under Account Discount #0589281101 to print the signature sheets. "We have been given permission to use this account from the Georgetown Cultural Arts Center," Skakie said. "YOU MUST PAY FOR THESE COPIES, but the activity will benefit the Center by helping them meet their annual minimum purchases to keep their account open at these prices. Go and do great things!"

Referendum 76 would keep medical and recreational marijuana separate, to make sure patients have safe access to their medicine.

"It is not MY Referendum," Skakie told Hemp News. "It was written by Tom Butler and sponsored by William Kurtz, so the credit should properly go to them. I am but a servant to our cause."

A medical marijuana patient himself, Skakie said the industry has successfully self-regulated on its own since voters approved medical marijuana in 1998. Medical cannabis dispensaries have begun to adopt their own standards across the board, he said.

"Pesticides are NOT medicine," Skakie said, referring to the fact that hundreds of pesticides are allowed -- but not tested for! -- on I-502 store cannabis. "Patients have already created a system and practices that serve the current need, and should be retained and codified. To do otherwise may turn them to the black market."

"Mainstream voters wanted the sick and dying in Washington State in 1998 to have the right to use medical cannabis, and the leaders 'for now' that are in Olympia, went and violated the will of the voters," said medical marijuana patient and activist Adam Assenberg. "That is why we need the help of the voters once more to bring back the will of the people instead of the greed of our leaders.

"Without the help of mainstream voters, the sick will be forced to suffer once more," Assenberg said.

According to Skakie, R76, by saying "No" to 5052, would give patients back their 15-plant limit, reduced to 6 plants by 5052. "It removes the sections that change current limits," Skakie said.

R76 would also remove the sections that close current access points, and would remove the sections that require medical marijuana authorizations be written only by a primary care physician treating the patient for the debilitating condition, according to Skakie. "This would also keep current authorization clinics open," he said.