U.S.: Company Files Patent Application For Personalized Cannabis Anti-Cancer Treatment


A U.S.-based company on Thursday announced that it has filed an exclusive patent application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office on a system designed give personalized anti-tumor treatments to cancer patients using cannabinoid therapy.

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CNBX) announced announced the patent application on "a System and Method for High Throughput Screening of Cancer Cells."

In this proprietary system, biopsies are treated, in-vitro, with numerous plant extract combinations and the anti-tumor effects are screened and calculated. The results could enable cancer patients to receive cannabinoid based therapy with a potential of reducing their tumors, according to the company.

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals announced it plans to complete the development of this novel and sophisticated technology and license it by the end of 2016.

"Cannabinoids are known for their anti-tumor properties, and this natural personalized therapy could be highly effective and without side effects, thus benefiting millions of patients worldwide," said Dr. Eyal Ballan, chief scientist of the company.