New York: Alternative Medicine Associates Applies For Medical Marijuana License


Alternative Medicine Associates, LLC (AMA), a physician-led, cannabis-based health care provider headquartered in Williamsville, N.Y., has submitted an application to the State Department of Health to become one of five registered organizations to manufacture and dispense medical marijuana in New York State.

The AMA application filled 10 cardboard boxes and totaled 66,000 pages, reports Michael Wooten at WGRZ. It is spearheaded by Gregory F. Daniel, M.D., M.B.A., who will serve as chief executive officer of the organization, which includes a management team comprised of nearly 30 physician entrepreneurs, a pediatric dentist, health care administrators, researchers, pharmacists, security and facility specialists, and business leaders.

The organization plans to operate a 164,000-square foot, indoor cultivation center in the city of Buffalo. The cultivation facility will initially employ approximately 75 workers across several specialized and high-paying job sectors.

The center will include 18 separate harvest rooms large enough to hold approximately 3,400 plants, along with a state-of-the-art laboratory for on-site testing.

Dr. Daniel said the organization seeks to identify and deliver the most clinically effective means of integrating cannabis-based medicine into comprehensive treatment plans for patients experiencing chronic and terminal illnesses.

"Our gifted team of physicians, medical researchers and accomplished entrepreneurs have developed a strategy that integrates regional thought leaders in the medical, academic and political arenas to advance the understanding and appropriate uses of cannabis as medicine," Dr. Daniel said. "The entire organization truly believes in the cause, and is totally committed to saving lives and providing patients of all ages with a better existence.

"AMA's revolutionary approach to quality patient care, safe and effective treatment options, community preservation, and corporate integrity distinguishes us with the highly scrutinized medical cannabis marketplace. We feel our medical background and collective record of success make AMA a strong candidate for one of the coveted licenses," Dr. Daniel said.

Dr. Daniel has more than 20 years of experience as an emergency room physician. He founded several companies that, through his leadership, have grown into multi-million dollar enterprises including Buffalo Emergency Associates, Western New York Immediate Care and The Exigence Group. He sold his medical enterprise to one of the largest hospital-based service providers in the U.S. in 2012, and most recently served as president of the company's national urgent care division.

Dr. Daniel said the company will offer a variety of state-approved medical marijuana products for patient distribution, including oils, syringes, pills, vapes and salves, adding physician and patient education will be a critical component of AMA's plans.

AMA also plans to own and operate four dispensary facilities located across New York State in Cheektowaga, Webster, Binghamton and Syracuse, providing easy access to interstates and major roadways for maximum patient access potential throughout much of the state. A licensed lead pharmacist will manage each dispensary with 12-16 additional jobs expected at each location.

"Our vision is to become the leading model of excellence for the provision of medical cannabis," said Dr. Daniel.

"I think he's got a very, very good chance to get one of the licenses, but you know, who knows," said state Senator Marc Panepinto, who supports Dr. Daniel's Alternative Medicine Associates. "I mean, it's a very insular process. We're not sure the criteria that's going to be used by the Department of Health in deciding who gets the licenses."

The New York Department of Health will now review the applications. A source told WGRZ that more than 120 -- and perhaps several hundred -- applications will be submitted. But another source said that some of those may not have been properly completed due to the complexity and cost. That source said to expect only a few dozen finished applications.

Photo: The medical marijuana application for Alternative Medicine Associates LLC filled 10 boxes and totaled 66,000 pages. [Source: WGRZ]