Colorado: 'First Ever' Extended Release Cannabis Capsule Released


Wana Products on Tuesday announced the launch of WanaCaps XR, a family of extended release cannabis capsules that provide medicinal benefits for up to 12 hours.

Wana Products partnered with Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc., a United States-based Drug Development Company with research and development in Israel, that developed the proprietary technology behind the extended release formulation.

WanaCaps XR will be offered in three different formulations: capsules with a 10:1 CBD to THC ratio (WanaCaps XR High CBD Capsules), a 10:1 THC to CBD ratio (WanaCaps XR High THC Capsules), and a balanced formulation with 1:1 THC:CBD ratio (WanaCaps XR THC/CBD Balanced Capsules).

“WanaCaps XR represents the next generation in the evolution of marijuana for the medical community,” said Nancy Whiteman, co-owner of Wana Products. “The extended release formulation enables patients to dose once or twice daily so they can get on with their lives without the constant need to be thinking about re-dosing. Additionally, WanaCaps XR are formulated to be highly bio-available so patients feel the therapeutic impact quickly.”

“The new capsules also address one of the major concerns of cannabis patients, which is that the initial high peak of cannabinoid activity soon after administration which can cause uncomfortable side effects such as disorientation and dizziness,” Whiteman said. “Instead, with WanaCaps XR, patients experience a long-lasting, stable effect for up to 10 hours without the ups and downs. Overall, it’s just a much better experience for patients.”

Each package of WanaCaps XR contains ten 10-mg capsules, allowing for precise dosing based on the patient’s individual needs and tolerance.

Cannabics has tested the capsules with more than 100 patients in Israel where medical research on cannabis has been legal since 2008. Test subjects found the capsules to be effective at reducing pain, eliminating nausea, and improving sleep, appetite and mood.

On the strength of this preliminary feedback, Cannabics is now undertaking a comprehensive clinical trial in partnership with Rambam Hospital in Haifa.

“Cannabics researchers are making breakthroughs in the medical evolution of cannabis, and WanaCaps XR is on the leading edge of those advancements,” said Dr. Eyal Ballan, chief scientist of Cannabics Pharmaceuticals. “Wana’s new XR product will help legal medical marijuana states approach the rollout of medical cannabis in a new and effective way.”