Washington: Marijuana Industry Recruiter Reveals How To Apply For Cannabis Jobs


With the legalization of cannabis in several states in the U.S., a viable commercial market has risen out of an industry which once operated entirely in the shadows. As investors and entrepreneurs pursue profits in the new legal industry, employment opportunities have begun to open up for everyday citizens as well.

In their latest podcast, Ganjapreneur has interviewed David Murét of Viridian Staffing, a Washington-based recruiting agency working to connect employers with job-seekers in the cannabis industry, about the emergence of these cannabis careers and the people who are seeking them out. Viridian has been hired by companies to find and place candidates in job roles ranging from entry-level to executive, in every sector and niche of the marijuana market.

In the podcast, Murét and show host Shango Los discuss what types of jobs cannabis companies are hiring for and what steps an average person can take to find employment with such a company.

"People will be very often surprised to find out that their skill sets are relevant to the cannabis industry," David said. "These companies need the same type of support as any other company does, be it sales, marketing, social media...almost anyone can find a home in this industry if they’re willing to put in the time and the effort."

Murét also explains how positions in the cannabis space compare to similar jobs in more established industries, how cannabis growers in prohibition states can apply to work in legal states, and shares his overall impression of the industry as it continues its rapid expansion.

"I’ve recently heard one person say, 'Being in this industry is a lot like trying to drink out of a fire hose,'" Murét said. "It’s coming a lot faster than a lot of us ever expected."

The full podcast can be found on iTunes or on the Ganjapreneur.com website. A transcript is included for reference.