Chile: Lower Decrim Limits Proposed For Marijuana Plants, Possession


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Parliamentarians from the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies in Chile met on Monday with Interior Minister Jorge Burgos to discuss details of the proposed decriminalization of marijuana.

The move would originally have amended the Health Code and Law 20.000 to allow the cultivation of up to six cannabis plants per person, the use of marijuana for therapeutic and recreational purposes, and the possession of up to 10 grams for private consumption, reports Paul Cádiz at T13.

The government's latest proposal would reduce the number of plants to four per household, and would also decrease the maximum possession limi to four grams of cannabis for private consumption.

Some lawmakers also raised the possibility of establishing cannabis clubs such as those in Uruguy, to help combat the problem of underage consumption.

"We must continue to explore positions," said Marco Antonio Nunez of the PPD. "We have not reached agreement, but we will continue to discuss."

"It took us a year and a half to get to this meeting; it is a big step forward," Nunez said.

According to Juan Luis Castro, the government presented deputies with six points which they believe are necessary:

1. A fine distinction between consumers and traffickers.
2. What is criminally penalized for consumption, possession and cultivation is settled in court, rather than local police.
3. There is clear legislation to punish suppliers of marijuana to minors.
4. A distinction between individual consumers and collective consumers.
5. A clear definition of drugs on the lists, and determining the harmful effects of each.
6. Therapeutic and medical efficacy have distinguished these products.

"For me the ideal is that the Interior Ministry recognizes that it is not possible to follow marijuana in Schedule 1 of the most dangerous drugs with heroin, cocaine because it does not correspond to reality," Deputy Marco Antonio Nunez said.

It is expected that the government will come up with a final cannabis decrim plan by September 28.

Graphic: Xpat Nation