U.S.: National Cannabis Patients Wall Passes 18,000 Members


The National Cannabis Patients Wall, a nonprofit advocacy organization working to change the perception of medical cannabis and its legislation, and humanize the perception of its patients, on Tuesday announced that it has exceeded 18,000 members.

"We endeavor to help patients find support, encourage and support activism while educating the public about medical cannabis and its advantages while raising funds to build display walls to represent patients from every state," said founding Executive Director Dana Arvidson of The Wall. "One of our primary goals is to assist patients in every state to reverse the prohibition of cannabis this year, and to end the needless suffering, before more people die.

"We work daily to assist the repeal of marijuana prohibition, opening the door to common sense regulation," Arvidson said.

According to Arvidson, The Walls' patient support group welcomes patient questions and offers loving support during times of trial and celebration. "We provide patients with a place to gather with others that feel the same way," Arvidson said. "It truly helps when a Patient knows they are not alone in their struggle.

"We also share patient's stories of healing or their search for healing, and many times their struggle for legalization in states denying them legal access," Arvidson said. "We also do our best to connect them with appropriate doctors and dispensaries in their area."

The Wall's website offers tools which activists across the United States can use to gather patients, signatures for a federal petition, and to distribute educational materials.

"We encourage activism and have a page that allows Facebook users to click a box and be included with others in their county, so they can work together to garner change," Arvidson said. "This tool, along with working with other groups and communities is the backbone of our 'unity' program.

“On our 'Cannabis in Your Area page we have information for each state and current legislation in that state along with links on how to find out your local laws,” Arvidson said. "We offer many other resources for Members and Patients as well."

Members of The Wall have also started to pursue litigation against the federal government to repeal cannabis prohibition, according to Arvidson. "Please consider joining our ever growing base of over 600 plaintiffs," Arvidson said. To do so, visit the following link:

"The National Cannabis Patients Wall supports Medical Cannabis Patients everywhere," Arvidson said.

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