Arizona: 28-Pound Brick of Marijuana Falls From The Sky, Smashes Doghouse


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

In what would likely have been a "Thank you, God!" moment for many of us, a 28-pound brick of marijuana fell from the sky in Arizona, crashing through a family's carport and crushing an empty doghouse.

Maya Donnelly said she and her husband Bill were awakened by what sounded like thunder on September 8, reports Murphy Woodhouse at Nogales International. Maya wasn't so sure it was thunder, but both soon fell back asleep.

But after the couple's children headed off to work and school the next morning, Maya looked out of her kitchen window toward the carport and saw splintered wood. She thought Hulk, the family's German Shepherd, had been up to some mischief.

“I went out to investigate, and sure enough, I looked up to see the hole, and then my eyes trailed down and the big dog’s house was destroyed," Maya said. "It made a hole in that hard plastic doghouse and the bundle was inside...” Good thing Hulk wasn't in there!

The bundle, worth an estimated $10,000, according to Detective Robert Ferros, was likely dropped by an ultralight aircraft by accident, reports CNN. "Normally they don't land on houses," Ferros said.

The 28-pound bundle, wrapped with tape, "was actually kind of light," Ferros said. "We have seen bundles of marijuana being carried by ultralight aircraft weighing several hundred or a thousand pounds," he said.

Maya Donnelly said the family is fortunate to have been in the other side of the house the the cannabis fell from the sky. Both the master bedroom and the bedrooms of the couple's three daughters are all located on the opposite side of the house, reports Jean Mendoza at Inquisitr.

The Donnellys said Nogales police officers searched their property and nearby areas for more bundles but didn't find anything. The officers confiscated the single bundle.

Noagles sits on the Mexican border, and the house where the weed crashed into the carport is about 1,000 feet from Mexico.

Photo: Nogales Police Department