U.S.: Veterans To Gather For Cannabis PTSD Treatment Awareness


The 2nd Annual Cannaball Run for Vets, supporting cannabis PTSD treatment, will begin on Oct. 17 in L.A.

By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Did you know that 20 percent of America’s suicides are committed by Veterans? Did you know that more than 300,000 veterans are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Did you know veterans are typically prescribed a cocktail of six or more psychoactive medications to treat PTSD? Did you know that controlled, supervised use of cannabis has been proven 300 percent more effective at treating PTSD than the medications that are currently being prescribed?

More and more of our nation’s Veterans are opting for one simple plant that is safer and – most importantly – more effective than prescription drugs. Cannabis has become the new answer, and hopefully with your help, the new normal.

For this reason, world-renowned cannabis expert Garyn Angel and his company MagicalButter, alongside the Weed For Warriors Project, are presenting this year’s Cannaball Run for Vets. The 2nd Annual Cannaball Run for Vets for cannabis PTSD treatment, a cross-country education and awareness campaign, will begin on October 17 in Los Angeles, and stop at seven major cities as it heads towards the nation's capital, Washington, D.C., for the culminating Veteran's Day event on November 11.

“MagicalButter embraces the use of cannabis as a treatment for debilitating ailments such as PTSD,” explained Garyn Angel, CEO of MagicalButter. “Our vets deserve alternatives to the narcotics that are currently being prescribed. We partnered with the veterans for the second annual Cannaball Run to make a difference. More troops have been lost to suicide than combat...and this must change now!”

With this cross-country tour, the sponsors intend to spread awareness as well as a sense of understanding and compassion for others with debilitating illnesses and give them the opportunity and the courage to act on their beliefs of cannabis for medicinal use. Participants will show support to highlight the mounting evidence surrounding this issue and encourage the need for more education on the topic of medical cannabis.

Stops include Los Angeles, CA (10/17); Denver, CO (10/24); Phoenix, AZ (10/26); Nashville, TN (10/30); Atlanta, GA (11/5); Charottesville, VA (11/6-11/8); Philadelphia, PA (11/9); and Washington, D.C. (11/11).

America’s veterans are seeking an alternative path away from harmful narcotics being prescribed to them that lead to addiction and suicidal tendencies. They are requesting for the VA to allow cannabis therapy as an option for treatment.

On Veterans Day, at the Washington D.C. run, veterans plan to join in an emotional march -- carrying their empty pill bottles to the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, symbolizing their immeasurable suffering with pain-killer addiction from failed PTSD treatment. Through the events of the Cannaball Run, veterans and their supporters aim to advocate for the recognition of cannabis as an approved PTSD treatment alternative to dangerous narcotics.

“We are a nation awash in the blood of our dead patriots," said Iraq combat veteran Ricard Pereyda, operations director of the Weed for Warriors Project. "This movement is to express veteran’s discontent with a system that has been abusing/ignoring them for far too long.

"As federal patients, we require that cannabis be recognized by the [Veterans Affairs] as a viable alternative to dangerous SSRIs, opiates, and other commonly prescribed drugs," Pereyda said. "We know from recent reports that cannabis has statistically lowered the overdose/suicide death rates in states where it is legally accessible.

"As federal patients, we require federal access,” Pereyda said.

Treating war trauma with cannabis should not be a crime. Suicide should not be the answer for 25 United States Veterans each day.

Locations & Events

10/17: Los Angeles, CA - 4.20 mile race hosted by 420 Games

10/24: Denver, CO – Sirius XM hosts an Infused Cook-Off Between MagicalButter’s Chef Joey Galeano and Chef Nuggs from Hollywood

10/26: Phoenix, AZ - March from the Veteran Affairs location to the 1st Annual Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo

10/30: Nashville, TN - Boxers and Boots 5k Run in Centennial Park

11/5: Atlanta, GA - Cannaball 5k Run, cannabis education opportunities and speaking engagements

11/6 – 11/8: Charlottesville, VA - 2015 Virginia Film Festival, Theatrical premiere of “The Scientist” documentary, live Skype Q&A session with Prof. Raphael Mechoulam

11/9: Philadelphia, PA - Cannaball 5k Run, Veteran’s Day Parade

11/11: Washington D.C. - March from the Veteran Affairs location to the gates of the White House lawn in honor of Veteran’s Day