North Carolina: Former Physician Charged For Growing Marijuana In Garage


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

A former physician in North Carolina said he is unapologetic about the changes he faces after cannabis plants were seized from his garage.

Gordon Piland is looking at five felonies and one misdemeanor charge after a raid by Buncombe County Sheriff's investigators, reports Kimberly M. King at WLOS.

Piland admits he had about 30 cannabis plants growing in his garage in his rented home in Candler, N.C. "It's a plant given to us by the creator," he said.

One felony charge is for possession of psilocybin mushrooms; another is for possessing what Piland said is an old bottle of his late brother's prescription Percocet to remind him of his brother's tragic addiction to pain medication.

The rest of the charges are for Piland's possession and and alleged sale of marijuana.

Piland has a medical degree from Wake Forest, but his license to practice was revoked in the 1980s, he said, when cops found more than 100 marijuana plants in his home on the North Carolina coast.

Piland said he considers himself a naturopath, and said he helps ill people who get relief from smoking cannabis. "I'm not doing anything but basically fulfilling my oath as a physician," he said.

"People who have cancer and are trying to treat themselves, some people who are on chemotherapy have looked to me for various forms of cannabis,” Piland said.

“I’m proud to represent him,” said Steve Lindsay, one of two defense attorneys representing Piland. "More people are talking about it now and to keep that trend moving forward is incredibly important."

“We have a chaotic mess with laws right now across the U.S.,” said defense attorney Rod Kight. "And that needs to be cleared up and I think this is a good case to go before the public.”

Photo of Gordon Piland: WLOS