Michigan: Group Forms To Repeal Marijuana Prohibition


A ballot question committee has been formed to make use of the cannabis/hemp plant legal in Michigan and repeal marijuana prohibition.

Abrogate Prohibition Michigan announced it "is driven by the need to repair one of the most ineffective and damaging policies introduced by legislators in the last 50 years, the prohibition of the Cannabis/Hemp plant."

"Abrogate Prohibition Michigan is very different from all other efforts because the group is proposing an amendment to the State Constitution repealing all prohibitions on the Cannabis/Hemp plant for use by the people, business, and industries alike," the prepared statement reads. "The proposal does not allow for any excise/luxury/sin taxes, nor allow fines or any other penalties whatsoever for the use of the Cannabis/Hemp plant by anyone in the state."

Abrogate Prohibition Michigan's petition was approved by the Board of Canvassers on Dec. 29th, 2015, and the group said it is prepared to kick off the signature campaign in about one week, finishing the 180-day campaign just after the July 4th Independence Day Holiday, in time for voters to address the issue in the 2016 Elections.

“Cannabis/Hemp prohibition has damaged the economic, social, and political health of the State, and will continue to leave those problems squarely on the doorstep of every citizen, to be put again upon the backs of our children like it was once dumped on us not so long ago," said group founder Timothy Locke. "Prohibition of the Cannabis/Hemp plant violates a free people's most basic right, being the right to Self Determination.

"Abrogate Prohibition Michigan looks past the surface and digs down to the roots of a number of these problems the State still faces today," Locke said. "And it will continue to stumble over prohibition for decades more should we not do what seems impossible for the state itself to accomplish."

"As we turn into the 79 year anniversary of prohibition, there is little else one can honestly take away from the situation," Locke said.

The proposal allows the growing Cannabis/Hemp industry to take root, that the current prohibitive legislative laws keep illegal, killing economic growth, development, and innovation.

In 2014, more than $13 billion of raw Cannabis/Hemp was imported into America for products and sales. Michigan's farmers can not participate in that
marketplace at all.

"The Cannabis/Hemp industry holds much promise for the people, businesses, and Michigan itself," Abrogate Prohibition Michigan's statement reads. "For decades our farmers and people have been prohibited from using and participating in this industry due to misguided and harsh taxation
along with stifling regulations.

"Yearly, billions are lost in jobs from the agricultural, textile, food, medicinal, plastic, fuel, hempcrete, recreational and new nano-technology and manufacturing industries to name a few," the statement reads. "The state spends around $500 million annually to arrest and prosecute possession charges. This does not include the annual cost taxpayers pay to jail non violent cannabis offenders."

"The many benefits that will arise when people, farmers, and industries can
cultivate and use the Cannabis/Hemp plant for its many uses are vast and well
documented," Locke said. "The current 6 percent State sales tax on all the retail/commercial product sales after full repeal, along with the cut of the $500 million of wasted taxes, will far exceed those collected by legislation with excise taxes collected by a limited recreational marketplace."

Abrogate Prohibition Michigan acknowledged that amending the Michigan Constitution via a vote of the people may be tough, but feels voters are more tough, and ready to address the issue. According to Locke, “More and more people are concerned about the loss of personal liberty and the economic security under the leadership of politicians in far off places, and now here at
home. Michigan is $78 Billion in debt and growing according to the most recent Michigan Debt Clock."

According to Locke, this represents an increase of $4 billion in State debt in just six months' time. "We need out-of-the-box solutions now if we are going to fix these very big problems we are facing," he said. "The same 'old' fixes only continue the same old failed legislation and is just another form of prohibition. Which will only continue to fail the Citizens and the State itself."

The solution of complete repeal of prohibition proposed by Abrogate Prohibition Michigan immediately grows the economy, manufacturing/technological base, and the farmlands themselves, literally from the ground up.

"Making Michigan an economic leader, while at the same time reducing the tax burden on the people and returning our children to their parents and legal guardians authority are just a few things that come with full repeal of Cannabis/Hemp prohibition," Locke said. " Abrogate Prohibition Michigan is the only solution proposed that does that and more."

"The time is now to put Michigan back to work, back into prosperity and out of debt, and back on the path of good health for the People, Families, Economy, Farmlands, and the State itself," Locke said.k "That starts when the voters of
Michigan Abrogate Prohibition Michigan, repealing by authority, Cannabis/Hemp
prohibition in 2016.”

For more information on how can you can help Abrogate Prohibition Michigan repeal Cannabis/Hemp prohibition in Michigan, visit www.michican.us, where you can sign up and volunteer to help on the signature campaign or donate.

Graphic: Americans For Cannabis